Cairo Station Achievement

  • Cairo Station



    Complete Cairo Station at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary

    See "Legend" for more information.

  • achievements for halo 2?
  • PC Version only. It updates to your Xbox 360 if you sync them together from Windows Live.
  • Ah, I was wondering the same thing.
  • Damn i was hoping it was for the box =/
  • I love halo more than any game but gears of war 3 looks better than halo 4
  • Crazyfish halo 4 hasnt came out yet...
  • Think maybe crazyfish was referring to reach...crazyfish you silly rabbit :)
  • @crazyfish9994 1.Not made by Bungie :( 2.They bled the s**t out of the series, Halo 3 was great. That was followed by the depressing POS Halo Wars and then Halo Reach was OK. It does look good but its like COD Modern Warfare, people LOVED the first one and then second one rolled around and people loved it even more but with MW3 people only liked it for a few weeks at most.
  • i didnt know you could get achievements for this game.
  • Anyone know a good place to get a copy of this game?
  • If you buy this game now, can you still unlock achievements?
  • Yes, you can unlock achievements before July 1,2014, the deadline of GFWL, i buy halo 2 in 02/14, still work now
  • FYI just earned achievements today, July 6, 2014. Looks like the shutdown got postponed.
  • can you still have all 41 achivements? if yes, how long 343i are gonna let all servers open?
  • @14 if you look on the scarab gun achievement thread some guy named Gilbert prime is claiming to have unlocked that achievement on 10/11/14 so hopefully there still obtainable.

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