Legend Achievement

  • Legend



    Complete the game on Legendary difficulty


    These achievements stack, so do the game on Legendary first to save yourself doing the game more than once. It can and will be frustrating at times, but perseverence is key. If you are stuck at any point, use this guide for help. It is an amazing walkthrough with videos and it gives tips on parts where you can skip entire battles, which is extremely nice.

    General Tips:

    • The plasma pistol/battle rifle (aka noob combo) is the best thing in the game. Hit them with a plasma blast, then switch to the BR and headshot, this will kill most enemies in one go.
    • Your shields recharge, make use of it. Get out of battle if you've been shot, more will follow soon after.
    • Use your NPCs. Let them go into battle first to draw fire, then you can attack while the enemies are focused on them. Also, giving them a good weapon will help, since they won't run out of ammo. If you have a rocket and there are a lot of vehicles attacking you, giving it to the NPC and letting them fire rocket after rocket will help.
    • Grenades are clutch. Make sure you make every grenade count, since you can't carry many, but they will do a great deal of damage. If you have stickies, make sure you get them to stick or the enemies will most likely get out of the way.

  • this game is really hard if you don't know what to expect, so help yourself out a little: http://halo.bungie.org/gameplay/halo2_leg_walk/
  • Is it like Halo 3's campaign in terms of difficulty cause I am good at Halo 3 bought this game and I am going to play it on Legendary when I get it any tips?
  • this was far harder than halo 3, myself and many others gave up trying early on (didnt help for me it ran badly on my machine) only tips i can offer is be VERY accurate with grenades and shots, all ammo is vital also, know when and where to run like i say i didnt manage it myself, best of luck
  • Gonna buy this on Ebay tonight, beat it on Legendary for Xbox so wish me luck.
  • @Sniper Wolf v4 GOOD LUCK! hated this game on legendary X( otherwise an ok game
  • it is the hardest of all the halo's.
  • Bloody hate this achievement! I'm on level 11 (can't remember the name) and I got right to the end and my broadband cut out!!!!!! Took me about 4 hours to get there, haven't played it since!
  • Bullshit no coop
  • @ #2, Bungie specifically lowered Halo 3's difficulty from what it had been previously, most likely to be more accessible to people playing any Halo for the first time on the then fairly new Xbox 360. Halo 3's Legendary is like Halo 2's heroic. It's so brutal...
  • I think I'm on normal but feels like legendary
  • Can't even complete the game! I've completed all levels except last. I complete the level, here comes the credits, after a while computer screen freezes (sound going ooooooooooo) and then the computer restarts itself! I did the same on Easy and this time the computer screen says 'signal not supported' so I turned the computer off... If u know owt tell me please. Add as friend and tell me in a message. GT: MattyLeeG
  • @11, I feel for you. If anyone can verify that this bug is common it would be appreciated as I don't want to get the game and then have it glitch out so I can't beat it regardless of skill.
  • where do u get this game for 360
  • JamesRichtofen: nowhere. It is a PC game or original xbox game Lord Mewt: Thanks. I completed the last level on heroic instead and ran all the way through so that was good. It did the bug on easy and normal. CANT EVEN DO IT ON HEROIC. BUNGIE, YOU ARE STUPID FOR MAKING THIS GAME IMPOSSIBLY HARD. Also CoD WAW on Veteran is easier! Plus this halo game is as hard/ impossible as ghostbusters on professional
  • The amount of hits the enemies take before they die is retarded. The silver elites cant even be killed with 1 sticky grenade or 1 plasma sword slash. That is INSANE.
  • Ah, the good old "Complete the game on a recently purchased PC". My two year old PC runs Halo 2 with a decent frame rate, but it's still not decent enough for Legendary.
  • just 1000 pointed halo 2 hardest part for me were cario station and the regret fight i dont know why but it seemed easier on pc than xbox
  • Finally got Past Gravemind today, only 3 more to go :-D
  • @#15 Halo 2 Legendary damage is like this. Covenant weaponary is the same, its just your shields suck. And your weapons are like nah we dont feel like killing the enemy for you today. I couldn't even get remotely close to the end of Cairo Station on Xbox, maybe PC will fair better.
  • can i use trainers in pc gfwl games
  • Look on youtube about this achievement. How i got it, has something to do with going into the halo 2 file folder and switching stuff and you dont have to play the game at all it just plays the loading screen like 10 times and u get the achievement super simple.
  • @ 21 I don't like to get banned. I don't cheat either. Im on the mission arbitar with no problems so far.
  • #21 someone I know did that method and suggested it to me but I don't trust that at all.. I'm going to tuff it out instead of risking a gamerscore reset (don't know how well MS tracks fishy behaviors on GFWL games)
  • Can't wait to try and get this.
  • This seems so hard. I haven't played the campaign of this since I was like 12, but I remember I could hardly beat it on normal. Wish me luck.
  • they need to remake this game for the 360
  • I've beat Halo CE, Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, and Halo Anniversary on Legendary by myself in less than three days for each campaign so Halo 2 won't be much different compared to the other Halo games I've completed so far. I've haven't played Halo 2 yet but I bet it is going to be really easy for me once I buy this game.
  • I dont know why this halo sucks a lot!!! They tried to make it better than CE however Master Chief in this game is like a sandbag!!! Ive beat all Halo on Xbox on Legendary ecept Halo Wars cause i dont have it yet!! Last year a beat it on heroic but i didnt have the original copy cough* so isnt valid at all!!! Try it right know and is INSANE!!! I prefer to wait if 343 have the idea to put this game on HD like Anniversary edition!!! I will tried to beat it but like I see it not to optimistic!!!
  • My apologies!!! Dont think bad!! I love Halo games and This Halo rocks the only who sucks was me hahahaha!!!! Today I finished this game on Legendary!!! 5 days of intense gameplay i get used to it and beat it... The only thing I can tell you guys is PATIENCE need it a lot!!!! Some levels are easy and others pain!!! This 50G worth it a lot!!! Isnt Legendary difficult its Only for Hardcore Gamers!!!!
  • @20: Absolutely not as Games for Windows Live games have loads of Anti-Cheat methods that crash the game when detected. I've tried them all, even the ones that claim they bypass the anti-cheat methods. @21: I did that trick 3 years ago and nothing happened to my Gamertag. My achievements weren't reset nor was my profile marked for cheating. The bug lies in the fact that the game does not check the map file to see if they were modified. I know no co-op sucks as co-op makes playing on Legendary so much more bearable. Hopefully 343 Studies will make a 360 version somewhere around November 9, 2014 for the 10th anniversary of Halo 2. If they do, it will probably be released on November 11, 2014 which is a Tuesday which is when most 360 games get released. Unless of course the Xb
  • All I gotta say is...wow http://insomniacgamerz.net/forums/halo-2-glitches/19405-halo-2-vista-how-easily-get-all-campaign-achievements.html
  • how can I get this game??
  • You don't get banned.
  • this was the hardest of all the campaigns but i enjoyed the challenge. the hardest mission was the one where you get teleported in a room with brutes with nothing but a plasma pistol. basically your only chance is to quickly pick up a second weapon and jump up on either side of the room where they cant get exept for the 2 brutes that come out of the doors up there with carbines. i hope halo 4 is equally difficult.
  • here are some serials if anyone needs them :) BBJ46-X7QWT-PRW2D-RCRRT-WBTJY FHYXP-GYHWY-MPRGC-DWCVY-2V6KB TBWDR-V64H2-YQCYF-R7B68-KDWC3
  • This might be a re-post, but here is how to get all the campaign achievements (on Legendary) in about 5 minutes. http://www.thetechgame.com/Tutorials/id=2362/halo-2-gfwl-achievement-mod.html It is possible to beat this game legit, but it's just not worth the stress it will cause you. Certain sections are so hard and so unfair that it takes loads of luck and persistence to get through them. The checkpoint system will save at the worse times, and if you decide to be aggressive and wind up dying quickly a few times in a row, you will lose your checkpoint and your recent progress. This will hurt you more than it will help you. The sniper jackals and flying bugs will make you hate the entire world and everything in it. Plus, if your Live connection dies during a level, make sure
  • you don't get to the next checkpoint, or Microsoft will prevent you from earning any more achievements unless you restart the level. Do yourself a favor and cheat this one. Then play it on heroic if you want, because it will still be just as hard as any other Halo game on legendary.
  • I'm going to be getting this game in about a week from now. And I'm trying to boost all of these achievements since the server is closing or whatever, so since I don't have much time to waste I'm posting this ahead of time for anyone who wants these as well. My GT is HydraTempest. I won't be on until I have the game so don't delete the request.
  • Going to be getting this game soon too, boosting ALL achievements. Add GT: Destixa
  • anyone want to do this message me eecom crawford
  • anyone know if you get banned for doing the legendary glitch?
  • If the game you played is PC ver,this achievement will be very very easy to get.Just check you computer for "maps" then copy all the maps to somewhere.After that,just delete the maps"01a1b to 08a8b" and copy "00a" 14 times,then rename the "00a"s with "01a-08b". Once you have done all above,just get into the game and select Legend,then you will have to watch the movie 15 times and get your achievement.
  • Of course,after you get the achievement with my method,I suggest you to make your maps become normal,otherwise there may be some problems.
  • Can you get these achievements on Xbox 360
  • By far the hardest Legendary difficulty of all the Halo games. And by hardest I mean most annoying and frustrating. I found all the Halos on Legendary to be challenging but fun and doable except for Halo 2. I think Bungie overreacted to feedback on Halo CE and ratcheted up the difficulty too much. The enemies are overpowered while you are seriously debuffed. You can get killed by 3 shots from a plasma rifle: 2 shots to take down your shields and 1 more to kill which often happens almost instantly with dual wielding Elites. Additionally there are the one shot one kill Jackal snipers. The only way I could deal with them was to memorize their spawn points. Meanwhile the enemies are really hard to take down; it's like having the Mythic, Tilt, Tough Luck, and Thunderstorm skulls on in other Hal
  • I can confirm the Map Glitch of copying and changing map names still works. I only tested the first 3 maps because I've earned every legendary achievement up til now and going to keep it that way. Now to replace with the correct map files and re-do the 1st three maps. Carry on.
  • I finally gutted this one out and got the Legend achievement. If anyone is still trying, expect to die at certain points repeatedly until you get lucky and make it through. My recommendation is to run, jump, and hide as much as possible. You can bypass a lot of enemies that way.

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