King of the Scarab Achievement

  • King of the Scarab



    Acquire the Scarab gun on the Metropolis level, any difficulty

    The Scarab gun is an easter egg on the Metropolis level. It looks like a Plasma Rifle but it shoots the same kind of energy shots that the Scarab does (the giant four-legged tank that is ravaging the city in the Outskirts and Metropolis levels).

    Getting to the Scarab Gun is kind of tricky, as you need a banshee to get to it, and the area where it is doesn't have any banshees available.

    Right when you start out kill all your teammates and head over the bridge. If you don't kill your temmates they will destroy the Banshee that you need. Kill all then enemies on the way over. When you get to the other side of the bridge two Banshees should appear. Shoot at one to get it's attention and get it to follow you down into the tunnel.

    When the warthog shows up destroy it as well. Keep moving through the tunnel all the while making sure that the Banshee is following you. If it turns around and heads back shoot at it to get it to follow you. Once you get the Banshee past the second roadblock lure it into the smaller tunnel.

    If the Banshee gets stuck, shoot off its wings (don't melee, shoot). Take it down the side tunnel to the left. As soon as it's says "Loading.... Done", board the Banshee (if you don't it will dissappear). Fly out and up, up high in the sky there are two bridges between two skyscrapers. Fly to the middle of the one closest to you and you should see a Plasma Rifle floating in the air a little bit above the ground. This is the Scarab Gun.

    Use this video for help:

  • This is so infuriating poor banshee ai i finally get it up the tube and it vanishes before my very eyes. ARRRGGGHH
  • Do you have to buy halo 2 off of xbox live marketplace to have achievements enabled for the 360? Sorry if that's a dumb question... Musicskooool
  • You have to buy it for pc. And its vista / 7 only.
  • you need gold acount to get achivements no marketplace purchase needed
  • #4 what the hell are you talking about. Gold is just for online play not for achievements. Of course if you want online achievements you need to have gold but your description is misleading.
  • So... How does one go about getting this one?
  • Loved this game back in the day but I could never manage to get this god forsaken scarab gun -.-
  • Why are there achievements like this? It has nothing to do with the game play, except to force a replay of a level.
  • In response to earlier questions, that's the beauty of PC gaming, you don't need gold to play online, just an account. That includes achievements.
  • Watch this for King of scarab ach.
  • Can you get the achievement on easy?
  • It says "any difficulty" so I'd assume so (several of the other achievements specifically say "Normal, Heroic, or Legendary")
  • Confirmed, it works on easy.
  • *Confirmed* I hate this achievement why won't the stupid banshee follow me and when I do get it to go all the way down it never comes in that side room.
  • @8 if you don't understand why this is an achievement, then you don't understand achievements.
  • I'm going to be getting this game in about a week from now. And I'm trying to boost all of these achievements since the server is closing or whatever, so since I don't have much time to waste I'm posting this ahead of time for anyone who wants these as well. My GT is HydraTempest. I won't be on until I have the game so don't delete the request.
  • I nominate this as maybe the dumbest achievement I have ever encountered in a video game. Disappearing banshees, random checkpoints and loading, invisible walls - I can understand rewarding an easter egg for all of this dumb shit, but jesus, not an achievement. Only a player hell-bent on breaking the game's rules could ever stumble upon the solution without a guide. This is impossibly dumb.
  • why not use a plasma pistol to take the banshee down
  • I just got this today while on live. So I can confirm that it is achievable. I already had Microsoft games for Windows live installed on my computer prior to the servers going down. So the single player achievements are still obtainable in this case.
  • I found it easiest to get into the banshee from behind as it is slowly moving into the load tunnel before the load message.
  • this method is absolutely crap and you should NOT use it. there are better methods online for modern PCs that are lightning fast in loading it. message me Lorne117 if you wanna know.
  • Over seven years after release and I finally got the King of the Scarab today. I'm glad the Halo dev teams have come a long way since then in creating achievements that aren't absurdly glitchy and irritating to get. I'm curious to see how this will be handled in the remastered version of Halo 2.? But not so curious that I'll buy the Master Chief collection.
  • BTW, I've never found it necessary to kill the marines at the beginning. Just drive off without them. The marines at the tunnel roadblock, though, have to go.
  • According to Xbox Live, a surprising 4.12% of Halo 2 players earned this achievement. Given what a pain it is to get I thought it would be around 2%. 4.38% have the Hero achievement and 3.12% have the horrific Legend.

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