Silent but Deadly Achievement

  • Silent but Deadly



    Kill 7 opponents from behind in a row without being spotted, any level, any difficulty

    There are two very easy ways to get this. On "Delta Halo" you will get a checkpoint, then come to a jackal with a sniper standing above a large clearing that you can assassinate. Do that, reload the checkpoint and do it six more times. Even though you reload the checkpoint, it counts them.

    The other spot is when you come to a large open room (I forget the level) and there are flying enemies attacking some Covenant across the way. If you have a sniper, simply snipe seven of the flying things for the achievement. Leave the Covenant alive so the flying dudes stay attacking them and don't look your way.

    Another spot is on "High Charity" when the drones are fighting the flood. Kill the drones during this section. 

    Note: "From behind" does not mean you need to melee them, nor does it mean you have to hit them in the back. You can snipe seven enemies in the face and still get this.

  • If you can find a checkpoint followed by an enemy you can easily kill from behind (for example a sleeping Grunt), you can just kill it and reload from the checkpoint repeatedly. Pretty simple.
  • this was easy on regret when u are on the first gondla approaching the structure snipe all the jackles and grunt in the turrets with head shots and u earn your self a nice now achievemt
  • Reloading checkpoint doesn't work anymore
  • I've tried several methods including the checkpoint reloads. The only one that worked for me is described at
  • I got this completely by accident. I was on the level where Master Chief pops out of a pod with a rocket launcher. I used the rocket launcher on a couple groups of enemies and got it even though they were facing me. Weird.
  • awesome
  • Okay, they patched the checkpoint exploit so if anyone is having trouble I have another option not put forward yet. If you haven't beaten the game on legendary yet or more specifically "Quarantine Zone" pay attention because you an nab this easily without breaking a sweat. If you aren't using the legendary guide yet, do so now. For this level the guy will have you skipping everything to make your life easier, cuts the length of the level drastically if you are thinking of using this option not on your normal playthrough. At one point in this level you will need to jump off a ghost and jump on a new one down a ledge and to your right. If you are waching the video you will see him grab a rocket launcher, GRAB IT. You will rarely if not at all do any killing on this level with guns especially
  • but also rarely splattering so just swap it with whatever for later. Once you make it to the gondola at the end of the level, use the hiding spot he shows you. It will take you *into* the gondola, you are now effectively invisible to the flood but you can still shoot out of the gondola. I figured this out because I knew you wouldn't need the rockets at all later so I just said "what the hell" and decided to have some fun and shoot the conveniently gathering groups of flood, and bleep bloop achieve,ent unlocked. So if you haven't done your legendary play through like I was doing then do this, you won't have to break a sweat nor go back later loking for other people's ways of hetting this achievement. Hope this helps some of you.
  • #6's suggestion was the easiest to do. In case TA deletes that pages, start High Charity, you'll come to a rifle in front of a ramp. Pick it up, open the doors ahead to a large area and you'll see some flying bugs fly past. DO NOT cross the bridge. Instead, look to the far left and snipe the flying bugs when they engage with the flood. Don't miss and don't shoot the flood or they'll fly towards you. (reload checkpoint if you do).
  • I just got this myself. In 'Regret', after you exit the second underwater elevator, you'll notice two Honor Guards patrolling on your motion tracker. Silently beat them down. You can do this by jumping over the gap next to the elevator at the right time. In the next room, there should be at least 4 sleeping grunts. So totally I counted only 6 but the achievement still popped. It's weird no one's suggested this. Seems to be the easiest place to get it.
  • I don't know why I can't get it.I've tried almost every methods above and still cannot unlock it.It's pretty strange QAQ
  • Oh,I made it!Just select the"Delta HALO",and after you cross the field full of jackal,you will come to a large open area where there is two jackals and some sleeping enermys far from you.Just pick up the Beam sniper and take them down carefully and then you well get it.

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