Demon Achievement

  • Demon



    Complete any campaign level without dying once on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary

    Obviously easiest on Normal, and then on the first level. Nothing really special about it, just hide when you're getting hit to reload your shields. On Normal you can take a lot of damage before you die, so this shouldn't be hard.

  • I got to the very end of the level "Outskirts" while going for this achievement. Near the end of the tunnels, a group of marines in a warthog thought it was funny to ram my ghost and kill me.
  • Ahahahahahaha. xD I''m sorry. That's just too funny. Hahahahaha
  • wow, don't you hate it when the AI acts dumb...
  • @1 Same happnend to me on Legendary lol
  • Just thought I'd mention that saving and quitting during the level seems to prevent the achievement from unlocking. It happened to me in Metropolis. Or it could be because I used Restart when the marine blew me up with the rocket launcher. One of those.
  • Forgot to mention I think Revert cancels it, too.

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