Go Ape Shiv Achievement

  • Go Ape Shiv



    Kill an enraged, berserk Brute by melee, any level, any difficulty

    At the beginning of the level "Gravemind" you will begin in a room with two large brutes. Kill one and the other one will freak out and drop to all fours and charge you. Simply jump over it and melee it in the back to kill it. Obviously easier on lower difficulty. Use a plasma shot to take its shields down first if you're having trouble.

  • You can also use a sword to kill the brute.
  • I think the writer of the notes was confusing details from later Halo games with Halo 2. 1. Halo 2 Brutes don't have shields (Cortana even says this at the beginning of the Gravemind level) so don't bother with using a plasma overcharge. 2. Don't bother to jump over and attack from behind; that sounds like assassinating Brutes in Reach. If you're going for this achievement, wait until you have a plasma sword or brute shot and melee them head on.

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