Killtacular Achievement

  • Killtacular



    Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds

    Your best bet on this is a King of the Hill game since everyone will be running to the same area. Try to get the sword or rockets and get a clump of people at once.

  • i need 4 other ppl for this achievement that will be willing to boost and actually help so if you arent going to actually help dont bother sending a message but if you are willing to boost fairly my gamertag is spaider42
  • ahaha!
  • Ill boost this!
  • Boosting this end of September. GT = Leaf King
  • Some still Trying for this? I just bought the game and sure need some help for this and also a couple of another ach. Please message me if you want to help
  • Im down too, Jedi Joey Berry
  • I have this one but I'm willing to help if I could get some people to help me with Decorated Soldier, Violent Cartographer and Rainman. Gamertag : LitheSabredude
  • Looking for people to do this with GT : ROBBIECURTIS1
  • I will help boost this if 4 others are willing to help me as well! Just shoot me a message on live tag is RCBAD.
  • I need 4 people to do this with. My GT: DarkraiNewmoon
  • New account. I'm only able to play on this account Today. (04/08/2012) GT: Celtic Spartan9
  • Can someone help me with this achievement GT-Jaime a Lozano
  • i cant get the multiplayer achievements to pop.
  • Someone who wants to boost a couple of these achievements?? Add my GT: LockZero
  • can someone help me with the halo 2 achievements GT:ITz Rap1d
  • its really hard to boost cuz its pc - i think its harder than halo 3´s lone wolves... can someone tell me how to get it easier without boosting
  • Anyone want to boost? I am in the UK and need the following: Violent Cartographer Rainman Killtacular Running Riot Decorated Soldier Ninja My Gamertag is Dark Angel Arus. Add me up and we can sort out a time to boost these. Need at least 4 players to get em all!
  • Need help boosting this i will help with other cheevos message GT: deathbee
  • need help boosting this and triple kill, will help with other cheevos for anyone that helps me. message me on xbox live if you can help, GT SorrowKnight123
  • Guys hold on, I thought XBL services were disabled for Halo 2. How are we supposed to get these cheevos??
  • This is the halo 2 for windows vista that was a games for windows live title, I said Xbox live on my previous comment because I'm on my Xbox on my profile more than I am the pc. The servers for halo 2 for windows visa are shutting down on the 15th of February so anyone that wants this or any other multiplayer achievement had better get them done. I'm happy with helping anyone if people can help me with my last few :)
  • @ 17 - not true I just got them with 3 only.. but still I am down to 2 triple kill and Killtacular... and me to boost and I will help you with ones you need.. be quick before the servers go down
  • sorry GT: BurntToast1971
  • Hi, I have two Xbox live profiles, 2 computers, and 2 copies of halo 2 and want this achievement. Just need a couple more people.. would also be keen to get the violent cartographer achievement as well! My gamertag is VillageSpaceman
  • Need to boost on these, I have 2 computers and two games. Add me please! Hostilemofo
  • Need to boost for this violent cartographer, rainman and decorated soldier. GT: SNIPED666999
  • Looking for people to boost this add me, also need help with rainman and decorated soldier. I will help you in return.
  • THIS Sunday halo 2 boosting session!I allready got 5 people so who ever still need this is invite!" msg me xbox live jamal2807
  • need help with this gt eecom crawford
  • I need help with this! Message me if you are down to get this; My Gamertag: Big Fazza
  • I have all the multiplayer achievements to go. I just recently got the game to secure the online achievements before the servers go down. Help will be very much appreciated. Add me on XBL BlackendO1, and even if I finish all of them still add me. I would be willing to help even after I'm finished.
  • I need help with this GT: lostmantella9
  • Hi I need help with a few achievements, I need... *Decorated Soldier *Play All map variants (3 more people needed) *Play all game variants (3 more people needed) *4 kills in 4 seconds Please get in touch and we can help each other clear these out! GT - DejaVuDejaVu360 (900/1000)
  • Looking to boost this and some other achievements in multiplayer. Add me so we can help each other out. GT: Inner Aeterna
  • Hi all, looking to boast this and all other multiplayer achievements. Message me on live please, so we can help each other out. GT: The Pathros
  • Looking to boost all achievements. Ill send friend requests out and get as many people as possible. Add me: Spartan 8554 Ill also help out with other Halo games, I have ODST, Reach, 3 and Halo 4 done.
  • i need these achievement if u want them to or can help i will help u with some other achievements GamerTag same as username
  • i'm trying to get a group together GT is same as username
  • I need help.please add me a group. Gt:HuggableGnu20
  • Hi, our group still need one more person for this achievement, hit me msg!! GT: DingXiaoxia
  • Trying to get a group together. Message me if interested. GT is JoeTheAlpaca
  • ^^ It doesn't matter if this is old message me anyway.
  • Ready to unlock any mp achievement. GT: AspirinCowboy
  • Looking for people who want to boost achievements. Fast Xp is gamertag
  • Up for this, gamertag is DUS Xenharmonic
  • Just got the game yesterday. Looking at getting these achievements. Message me, Gamertag: WEBSTAR 9
  • Im looking to get this achievement as well, message me Gamertag: xMassacr3 27x
  • I got this achievement along with all the other online achievements yesterday. No more messages pls
  • are these multiplayer achievements now impossible to get since the servers are down, playing on 360? that would suck as an achievement completionist

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