Terminus Achievement

  • Terminus



    Found all of the Terminals in the Campaign.


    Campaign related. Online not required. Can be obtained on Easy+.
    Use 'Mission Select' after initial Campaign playthrough if missed

    Find all 7 Terminals either Solo or Cooperatively. Hold  to download a Terminal video to be able to watch on Waypoint at a later time. 

    Note: Finding the last one unlocks the achievement, you do not need to watch them.
    Spoilers!: Spoilers within the video and text description. View at own discretion.


    • 0:06 - Terminal 1 - Mission 2 'Requiem' - Rally Point Bravo
    At the end of the level, after defeating 2 hunters, you will come to a long hall. At the end of the hall you will view this terminal in plain sight under a clear ramp that leads to the end.

    • 0:35 - Terminal 2 - Mission 3 'Forerunner' - Rally Point Bravo
    During the mission, near the beginning, you will defeat a small group of crawlers and a promethean knight outside in an open area, and your HUD will begin to become distorted. Masterchief and Cortana will begin speaking about the signal distortion, and masterchief will say "What's with this distortion?". Once this happens, the terminal should be on ground level, under the next objective.

    • 1:05 - Terminal 3 - Mission 4 'Infinity' - Rally Point Bravo
    After meeting up with your teammates, there will be a short cutscene and you will spawn inside a ship. Just turn around and the terminal will be directly behind you. 

    • 1:28 - Terminal 4 - Mission 5 'Reclaimer' - Rally Point Bravo
    Midway through the level, after the first main cutscene, you will end up indoors. You will have to pick up Cortana and make your way through a hallway. Instead of boarding the elevator (primary on-screen objective) take a right and the terminal should be there.

    • 1:55 - Terminal 5 - Mission 6 'Shutdown' - Rally Point Delta
    When progressing through this mission, you will come to a section with a bunch of light bridges. At one point you will reach the end of the path and two hunters will appear. The terminal is directly before this checkpoint, but you can easily backtrack. When going from the entrance to the location of the hunters, take the last possible left and the terminal will be located behind the structure on this platform.

    • 2:21 - Terminal 6 - Mission 7 'Composer' - Rally Point Bravo
    Once you reach the outdoor part of this level, run across the terrain to the building that says "Atrium" on the side. At the base of that sign is the Terminal. The "Atrium" sign does repeat itself on the side of the building, but this is one the closest and in the most clear sight from where you begin this section.

    • 2:59 - Terminal 7 - Mission 8 'Midnight' - Rally Point Bravo
    Once you get to the part of the level where you are in foot, progress through the story by clearing the rooms of enemies and moving forward. Once you enter the 3rd or 4th room, you should see the terminal located behind two pillars. Walk around to the back side to access it.

  • I hate searching Terminals in Halo...
  • I respectfully disagree. I think both the raw search for them (without the Internet or a guide to tell me where to look), mixed with the additions to the story... I quite like the terminals.
  • I'm with #2, it was fun trying to find the terminals and seeing some of the backstory.
  • The backstory is one of the best things of Halo
  • Well, I promise I'm not saying this in a bragging way, I maxed anniversary in 2 and a half days, but the skulls/terminals were generally in predicatable places, I'm honestly scared stiff about this though, at least with anni, I could go back to halo 1 and search for plausible places they would hide them, this is unforeseen... still should be alot of fun though :D
  • Why is it the ONI logo if most (if not all) the Terminals will probably be Forerrunner?
  • I hope that all of the terminals are animated like in anniversary.
  • How many terminals are there gonna be to find? One in each level? Would like to know. Well you would know once the achievement pops...duh lol
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8Bs0cxXsec There are 7 Terminals total in the game, one in each Mission except the first (Dawn).
  • @9 that video is set to private.
  • *You can do this on any difficulty *Requires waypoint to watch the terminals Terminal 1: Near the end of the mission, after defeating two Hunters (the large armored enemies), you'll gain access to the tower. At the end of a long hall you'll see a wide, semi-transparent ramp. Check underneath this ramp to find a terminal. Terminal 2: Soon after taking out a group of Prometheans (just a few minutes into the mission, depending on difficulty), you'll notice a large structure with rocky slopes on either side leading up to an entrance. At the very moment where Master Chief asks Cortana, "What's that distortion?" in regard to his HUD, you should be facing the terminal, which is at ground level. Terminal 3: Immediately after the cutscene in which you meet up with a group of friendli
  • Terminal 3: Immediately after the cutscene in which you meet up with a group of friendlies, simply turn around. Terminal 4: Exit the room in which you reclaim Cortana to find an elevator directly in front of you. Instead of immediately boarding it, look down the hall to your right to find a terminal. Terminal 5: After entering the production tower (third LZ for your Pelican) in an attempt to reach the Spire controls, Cortana will place a waypoint. Instead of turning right and heading for it, continue forward to the structure at the back of the large room. On the far side of said structure, you'll find a terminal. If you've encountered the Hunters, you've gone too far and need to turn back.
  • Terminal 6: After the cutscene in which Master Chief meets with Dr. Tillson, head outside. You'll see the Atrium in front of you. Head directly for the area below the "Atrium" building printing on the right side to find a terminal between the jagged rocks. Terminal 7: Once you're on the 'ground,' you'll proceed through a series of rooms. In the third room, behind the central pillar, is a terminal. ONE TERMINAL IN EACH LEVEL, BESIDES THE FIRST LEVEL: DAWN.
  • Can't get the code to work at the end of the Cryptum vid. Solution?
  • @6 it's not. The picture for it has been swapped with Digging up the Past on this list. In game the correct tile shows. Here's the guide that I used. http://www.gamesradar.com/halo-4-terminal-locations-guide/
  • All terminals guide: Part #1= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4XvUPxI6sY Part #2= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4XvUPxI6sY
  • where exactly on Waypoint do u find these vids? they pop up the 1st time but i can't find them afterwards
  • Here is a complete guide to all terminals, (Both Written And Videos) http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=4490744/all-terminal-locations-video-and-pictures.html
  • What r Terminals?
  • Thank you EricDC for that great little written summation, helped me a lot. Descriptions were on point. @19 Terminals are little computer stations that you walk up to and activate to unlock a video for Waypoint. One per level.
  • If you look for the walk-through on this site (here) it will show you where all the terminals are and if you read the posts it will tell you how to unlock the Raider Armor plus artwork galleries and an Avatar award..
  • here is the link to make it easier.. [':-) LINK: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/news/news-13341-Follow-our-Halo-4-Terminal-Guide--Unlock-and-See-the-Secrets-Within.html Enjoy!!!
  • @17 yeah im having the same problem, found them on waypoint no problem the first time but now that i need to find the missing two terminals from my first playthrough they are nowhere to be found
  • Here is a very good location guide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_UJcJ5IiBA Remember, there are only 7 Terminals in the campaign; 1 in every mission besides mission 1. You can check how many Terminals you have gotten in your Service Record.
  • do you have to collect them all in one run, i can watch all the videos but no achievement
  • @6 Apparently the Achievement pic here is old or just plain wrong. The actual pic looks like a Forerunner glyph. https://live.xbox.com/tiles/nL/Lr/1zc8P2NhbC8WAxtUGltTWDE5L2FjaC8wLzliAAAAAVBQUPjEsoA=.jpg
  • Thanks #11 that really helped me out
  • Found 5 of them on my first playthrough and the two I missed (mission 2 and mission 8) I quickly got afterwards searching the whole map. Was fun trying to find them
  • The image for the achievement is wrong, that's the digging up the past one.
  • Remember, there are only 7 terminals. 1 on every mission except the first one.
  • here's a guide on where too find all 7 terminals in the campaign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CXY2Sw2Lbo
  • Thanks #11 that was really helpful.
  • i got 7 and the achievement unlocked...
  • I got all of the terminals but the achievements didn't pop. What do I do to get it if that happened?
  • here's a guide to help find all the terminal locations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9x7oNtzDIU
  • Can you find it then save and quit and move on?
  • not only fun but a cool backstory too. especially the extra armor and stuff on waypoint
  • Great video. Nice 50G and a good backstory.
  • thanks bro
  • Nice easy one
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMMWSS2fT84 *Achievement/Trophy Hunters*
  • Do you have to complete the Mission to keep the terminal saved? I know I found them all, I have the achievement, but when I go into waypoint it says I've only found the first one...
  • you can go into the missions at the rally points grab the terminals then save and quit and it counts so you can hop into the game just to grab them all whenever

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