Escort Service Achievement

  • Escort Service



    Keep all Wolverines intact in Operation A, Mission 3

    In the third mission of the game you will need to escort two Wolverine mobile artillery vehicles to a designated location. This task is actually quite easy, as long as you clear the area ahead of the Wolverines and then backtrack to cover them.

    What I did was rush from the start point until you reach an area that has a fork, with one path going cliffside on the left and a wide open area on the right. Tons of enemies will come from both sides here, so make sure you kill all of them before you progress. Keep a medium pace up the right path once you're clear and you'll soon start hearing that the Wolverines are under fire. If you don't have the Tunderstorm skull equipped (I used Hollow and famine) they will be fine for the time being. Keep clearing until you reach a dead end with some grenades and ammo, then backtrack to the rear of the farthest Wolverine, as he will have a number of enemies following him at this point. Once the Wolverines have reached the destination, there will be one last dropship near the edge of the cliff at the farthest point in the map. After clearing the ship's enemies, you'll be done.

    If you're having any trouble, you could try using the sniper rifle, which costs 1,000 XP for this mission alone. It will clear entire lines of enemies in one shot, so be sure to line up your targets to maximize your points and ammo useage.

  • This sounds like the rhino protector achievement from Halo Wars.
  • Yep =p
  • This achievement is pretty easy.
  • Lol I got the achievement and I barely did anything. 2 minutes tops.
  • Very Very Simple... they can take a lot of damage and will call out to you whenever they are attacked. clear the path ahead and remember that enemies respawn infinitely in your path of progression and from where you came.

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