Never Knew What Hit Them Achievement

  • Never Knew What Hit Them



    Kill a convoy target with every stationary gun in Operation C, Mission 3

    There are a total of 4 machine gun turrets located on either side of the path you follow in this mission that you must use to get at least one Wraith kill with each turret. You'll want to start the mission off by hopping on the first gun and waiting for the Wraith to come down from the top of the screen. Then rush up to the first turret on the right to take out at least one more Wraith before moving straight across the path to the turret on the left for another Wraith kill. The last turret is to the top left of the area, and you will hopefully have at least one of the five Wraith targets left. The achievement will pop when you finish the mission.

  • Their are 4 turrets, you need to kill a wraith with each one. You start at the first on the right, go up from there.The second will be on the right. Then go up and left to the next turret. The last is just up from there. Hope this helps.Don't forget you need to kill a different wraith with each turret.
  • Far as I could tell, the tanks just keep spawning until you get the amount of kills you need.
  • This achievement is the first, chronologically, that does not require the completion of the mission. It is completely ok to allow wraiths to pass by. Use your active camo to advance through the mission, making sure you do not skip any turrets and the achievement will pop during the mission after you use the last turret to kill off a wraith.
  • Thank's Jedi Joey Berry. I did it with the three 5 times and was like wtf!! Then I saw ur comment and BOOM!!!

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