Foot Soldier Achievement

  • Foot Soldier



    Finish the objective without using any vehicles/turrets in Operation E, Mission 4

    This mission is a rather wide open area full of tons of turrets and vehicles (Ghosts and Wraiths), but with your setup it's not all that difficult to run through it.

    Basically, you want to rely on using your hologram to distract enemies, allowing you to run the opposite direction. Using this effectively can reduce the fire you take substantially, and also help influence the many Wraiths to help you thin out the numbers via friendly fire. The main idea for this achievement is to just run from Officer to Officer (the objective targets) and take them out, then move to the next. I found the Needler available in a crate near the very first ghost to be satisfactory for this, but obviously doing it with the Sniper Rifle will be even easier since they'll only take a single shot to kill. There aren't a ton of grenades in this level, so be sure to use them primarily on the Wraiths>Tanks>Turrets, since that's the general order of threat. Overall, it's a pretty simple achievement, though you most likely won't get the gold on this run.

  • Looking to run this game in coop on Xbox one. If you have Xbox one and are interested add me Filip36365

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