Weapon of Choice Achievement

  • Weapon of Choice



    Score a kill with every handheld weapon (excluding Rocket Launcher and Spartan Laser)

    Press E to swap weapons with those dropped by enemies and press SHIFT to switch weapons between primary and secondary.

    Assault Rifle
    Sniper Rifle (Costs 1,000 XP per mission)
    Plasma Pistol (Grunts)
    Plasma Repeater (Elites)
    Dual SMGs
    Needler (Jackals)
    Focus Rifle (Major Elites)
    Brute Shot (Brutes)

    The final weapon, the Brute Shot, will appear on the Operation D Mission 1. You will start a mission with each weapon on the list at least once, but you can also find them all during the game, appearing in the order they're listed in.

  • You should get this after using the Brute Shot in Operation D Mission 1.
  • I hope I do but in any case could someone make a list of them
  • I've completed the campaign and no achievement.
  • NVM i had to buy the rocket launcher and spartan laser

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