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    Use every armor ability at least once (excluding Overshield and Seeker Drone)

    Press Q to use an armor ability

    Regen Shield
    Auto Sentry (Costs 500 XP per mission)
    Stun Blast
    Active Camouflage
    Hardlight Shield

    You'll get all of these at the start of at least one mission, and you can also find them all scattered throughout the game, appearing in the order they're listed in.

  • Where the fuck are the power abilities located in this game and why doesn't anyone care?
  • The better question instead of being rude about it is, Could anyone thats obtained this be nice and make a list? I haven't had time to beat the game so I'm curious to what missions which ones? Or just which ones I can figure out missions. THANK YOU
  • Run faster, Heal, Shield, Cloak, Hologram, Auto sentry 500 creds
  • Hi The correct list is this. Sprint Regeneration Field Active Camouflage Hologram Stun Blast Autosentry (500xp) and Hardlight Shield, this last one is found on C-4 passed the 1st Sniper Position on the left past the 6 Jackals Cheers
  • Cheers #4. That Hardlight Shield was what I needed.
  • Why won't this pop for me? I have used all abilities, do I have to complete a mission for it to count? The last one I used was the stun blast, but I died during the mission.
  • I've completed the campaign and did not get the achievement.
  • I had to buy the overshield and seeker drone

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