Skull Combo Achievement

  • Skull Combo



    Complete any mission with the maximum number of Skulls active

    You can apply a maximum of two skulls for any given mission, and this can be easily done on mission 1 if you apply Hollow (Spartan has only a shield) and Famine (Enemies drop weapons with less ammo). Really you can use any skulls you want, but those are the easiest. You can also get this done while doing the "Vidmaster Challenge" mission, as you will be required to use two skulls for that.

  • this is gonna be a beech
  • It's insanely easy on the first mission.
  • The difficulty isn't that high to begin with so adding skulls makes it only slightly more difficult. Easily doable on the first mission.
  • Oh maximum number of skulls is 2. Guess that's worth mentioning.

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