Vidmaster Challenge Achievement

  • Vidmaster Challenge



    Complete Operation E, Mission 1 with the Hollow and Black Eye Skulls active

    Initiate Operation E, Mission 1 and equip Hollow (Only shields) and Black Eye (Only melee recharges shields) prior to starting the mission. Also, I highly recommend spending 1,000 XP on the Sniper Rifle to make the last section a breeze (especially the hammer Brute).

    Start the mission out by running up the right side and hopping in the turret to kill. Use it to kill the nearby enemies (try to save the next turret, but you don't have to). Now use your active camo ability to survive the combat with the next few enemies. Once your path turns so you're heading NE, use camo and rush straight North to the Wraith that is waiting for you. Use the Wraith to safely clear out all of the enemies, including the turret and other enemies along the road to the North (where you need to go). Once you've cleared the area, head to the Phantom where the objective is and pull out the Sniper Rifle to quickly take out the horde of Elites that come through the barrier to attack you and the Phantom. Once they're all dead, you win.

    Note that using this method should also get you a gold star on the mission.

  • Ugh another sideline halo game.. and I just finished 100% all the Halo games.. fml

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