Extra Credit Achievement

  • Extra Credit



    Complete 75 challenges

    For this you'll need to focus on finishing the 75 mission-specific challenges, 3 for each mission in the game. The requirements can be found by looking in the challenges section in the main menus. In general, they range rather drastically in difficulty and the amount of time you'll need to spend doing them, so you'll want to look at them early on and try to take them out while you go through your playthroughs and try to get gold on all missions.

  • Each mission has 3 challenges specific to that mission (Kill X enemies with X weapon, etc). There is a progress tracker at the bottom of the challenges screen and the weekly challenges are irrelevant to this achievement.
  • This is for the 1st set of missions A-E. The Hydra missions (Mission F)are separate and have a new achievement for completing those 15 mission-specific challenges.
  • Hi Im having trouble, with mission B4 because i cant find the shotgun... Anyone can help me giving the location? Tx
  • The shotgun is on the ground next to the exploded tanks on the bridge in the beginning. Sorry I'm about a year late but I had the same problem
  • If your Windows 10 Mobile does not unlock this or the 'A for Effort' achievement, simply close the app, disconnect from the internet, change your phone's date manually to 2014 and complete any weekly challenge. The achievement will pop. Then simply change the date back and reconnect to the internet to sync with your Xbox account. Found this solution randomly in the Halo Waypoint forums. Basically, the date change allows weekly challenges to reappear as they don't appear with the current date. Finally 100%ed the Mobile version. Hope this helps someone.

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