Complete Operation F Achievement

  • Complete Operation F



    Complete Operation F

    After updating the game, simply repeat the last mission in Operation E to activate Operation F, and then complete all of the new missions for this achievement.

  • Are you shitting me!? For fuck sake. I don't want to play this sexist game anymore. Playing as Sarah Palmer with two fucking drones following me, ruining my challenge attempts. I can't buy a windows 8 phone to get the other 20 achievements. Fuck you 343i!
  • Okay I take that back 343i. Maybe I was a bit too harsh. I was right about the faulty gameplay mechanic though.. Sarah Palmer is a bad ass. I liked her among all the hate. I just wish I didn't have 2 soldiers "helping" me on nearing 99% of the missions. If she was strong, you guys would have just let her be the only character in the game. The hindrance comes when I was trying to complete challenges. It was frustrating at times.
  • You can't buy a wp8... only this? What should i say? I have a samsung omnia w WP7 that can't be updated to WP8 and this game is only on WP8... and of course , like you, i can't buy a fu**in phone for this fu**in game only.

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