Silvertip Achievement

  • Silvertip



    Destroy all Mega Turrets with the Grizzly tank in Operation F, Mission 2

    The massive Mega Turrets are you primary objective and you will start out in a Grizzly Tank, which you will want to use to take out all 4 mega turrets. This isn't overly tricky, so long as you watch out for the suicide grunts, ghosts, wraiths, and other turrets that will try and work you over while you do the objectives.

    There are two important things that should be noted here:

    1. The tank you start in is the only Grizzly tank. The other tanks are Scorpions and won't get you the achievement if you use them.
    2. You must destroy each cannon with the cannon on your tank, and cannot use your machine gun, nor can an ally sitting on the tank take it out with an Assault rifle or rocket launcher.
  • I did this 2 times, not unlocked yet -.-
  • Yeah, you need to do it without using the Grizzly's machine gun turret to kill the things. Use only its main cannon and it will pop.
  • I've done this 3x with out using the turret and hasn't popped
  • I was not using machine gun turret D: maybe I must not touch the turret button??
  • EDIT: just unlocked, without even touching the fu**ing turret button -.-

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