Vidmaster Challenge 2.0 Achievement

  • Vidmaster Challenge 2.0



    Complete Operation F, Mission 4 with the Blind and Thunderstorm Skulls active

    Using these two skills will remove the HUD and increase the damage of the enemies. The first one isn't so bad, I'll just let you know that the three power conduit objectives you need to destroy are in the bottom left, bottom right, and top right of the main area of this very small mission. I recommend doing the objectives in that order as well, as there is a turret near the bottom left one that you can combo on, and save grenades when you destroy the glowing orb. There is also a grenade stash nearby so you hopefully won't run out when you go to grenade the other two orbs. Once they're all destroyed, head to the very top of the central area to find a turret that you can use to clear the area, before meeting at the door just North of you.


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