A for Effort Achievement

  • A for Effort



    Complete all Operation F mission challenges

    Same deal as the base game; finish all 3 unique challenges for each of the 5 new missions. They're all pretty basic, and over all they are either repetitive and easy, or require a bit more work but only a few times, unlike some of the challenges in the main game.

  • I have this game cross-platform on both WP8 and Xbox One. When I completed all of the F challenges, the cheevo did not unlock, even though the ingame menu said I completed all mission specific challenges. Oddly enough, it only unlocked after I later completed a weekly challenge.
  • If your Windows 10 Mobile does not unlock this or the 'Extra Credit' achievement, simply close the app, disconnect from the internet, change your phone's date manually to 2014 and complete any weekly challenge. The achievement will pop. Then simply change the date back and reconnect to the internet to sync with your Xbox account. Found this solution randomly in the Halo Waypoint forums. Basically, the date change allows weekly challenges to reappear as they don't appear with the current date. Finally 100%ed the Mobile version. Hope this helps someone.

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