-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 20 [200]
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10-20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Multiple (See "Extra Credit").
-Number of missable achievements: None.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: You need to use two skulls for two achievements (which can stack); Vidmaster Challenge and Skull Combo
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? : None
-Is there DLC? : Yes

  • Operation Hydra
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 50: 2-3 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Halo: Spartan Assault is a top-down, twin stick shooter that tasks you with playing as Spartans Palmer and Davis as they work to stop a Covenant invasion. The game has been released on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices, allowing you to jump into the Halo universe in a new format.

Playthrough 1:
In your initial playthrough you will want to focus on getting the mission-specific achievements and using all of the weapons and armor abilities in the game for their associated achievements. You will want to diversify you arsenal a bit weapon-wise to work on getting all of the medals as well during this time, although you'll have most of the medals by the time you beat the campaign. If you feel confident, you can also focus on gold medal-ing the campaign missions your first time around to save you at least one repeat of the mission later on.

Playthrough 2/Clean-up:
Every mission in the game has three unique challenges that you must complete in order to gain progress toward "Extra Credit". You will also need to work on getting gold medals in each mission for "117," which will require you to reach a certain score in the mission. The scoring doesn't always work hand in hand with the challenges, but either way you'll need to replay most of the (very short) missions multiple times to finish up the remaining achievements. Thankfully, the game is enjoyable to repeat, just like the regular titles in the series.

Easy Cross-Platform Achievement Unlocks:
If you have this game for both Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8, there is an easy way to unlock most or all of the achievements. For each of the following achievements, unlock them on your preferred platform and then do the following on the other:

  • 117 & Tour of Duty - Get a gold on mission A-1
  • The 6 complete Operation _ achievements - Replay the last mission of that operation/those operations
  • Pension Plan - Earn any experience points
  • Distinguished Service - Earn one more medal
  • Weapon of Choice - Get one more weapon kill
  • Powered by MJOLNIR - Activate any active armor

For "Extra Credit" and "A For Effort" it is recommended that you unlock both of them separately, and at the same time, if you have both games as syncing cross-platform may cause an issue with the achievement unlocking on the other platform. The example of this would be completing all 75 challenges on W8, the game syncs with your WP8 game so that shows 75/75 as well, yet the achievement does not pop. If this does happen for you, your best bet is to do one of the weekly challenges.

Thanks to MathGuy42 for the breakdown on cross-platform achievement unlocking.


DLC: Operation Hydra

Playthrough 1:
During your playthrough of the new DLC missions, work to get gold on the missions that don't have mission-specific achievements, and do the mission-specific achievements: Silver Tip and Vidmaster Challenge 2.0. Getting all golds on all of the new missions will grant you Tour of Duty and simply finishing the missions will give you "Complete Operation F."

After going through once, you can either go back and redo levels to get gold, if you haven't already, for "Tour of Duty." During this time, you will also want to work on all of the mission-specific challenges for "A for Effort."

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

Halo: Spartan Assault Achievement Guide

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There are 25 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Complete Operation A

    See "Terminated"

  • Complete Operation B

    See "Terminated"

  • Complete Operation C

    See "Terminated"

  • Complete Operation D

    See "Terminated"

  • Complete Operation E

    Each of these complete operation achievements are story related and will unlock as you completed each Operation, which are divided into five missions each.

  • Keep all Wolverines intact in Operation A, Mission 3

    In the third mission of the game you will need to escort two Wolverine mobile artillery vehicles to a designated location. This task is actually quite easy, as long as you clear the area ahead of the Wolverines and then backtrack to cover them.

    What I did was rush from the start point until you reach an area that has a fork, with one path going cliffside on the left and a wide open area on the right. Tons of enemies will come from both sides here, so make sure you kill all of them before you progress. Keep a medium pace up the right path once you're clear and you'll soon start hearing that the Wolverines are under fire. If you don't have the Tunderstorm skull equipped (I used Hollow and famine) they will be fine for the time being. Keep clearing until you reach a dead end with some grenades and ammo, then backtrack to the rear of the farthest Wolverine, as he will have a number of enemies following him at this point. Once the Wolverines have reached the destination, there will be one last dropship near the edge of the cliff at the farthest point in the map. After clearing the ship's enemies, you'll be done.

    If you're having any trouble, you could try using the sniper rifle, which costs 1,000 XP for this mission alone. It will clear entire lines of enemies in one shot, so be sure to line up your targets to maximize your points and ammo useage.

  • Prevent all Jackals from regenerating their shields in Operation B, Mission 3

    This will be the first mission you encounter Jackals (shield wielding enemies on). Overall, taking them down is pretty straight forward - either use grenades or rush them from the front/ side to melee their shield down then kill them, or just blast them twice with the shotgun. There are about a dozen teams of two scattered throughout the map, and the most frustrating part about this achievement is that your teammates might knock the shield of an offscreen Jackal down and it will come back up before you even realize what happened. Thus you want to try and keep pace so your teammates are always moving and don't get distracted, and when you take down a Jackal's shield, make sure you chase him down (they'll run away) to finish him off.

    Alternatively, if the Marines are constantly stealing your kills, you can use the blue explosive canisters near the start of the mission to teamkill your marines and then just bounce around the map on your own to assassinate the Commanders, ignoring the Jackals entirely. Thanks to Darkened Night for the tip.

    Note: There's an active camouflage pickup near the Hornet at the beginning of the level which will make 1-shot blasting targets easier with the shotgun.

  • Kill a convoy target with every stationary gun in Operation C, Mission 3

    There are a total of 4 machine gun turrets located on either side of the path you follow in this mission that you must use to get at least one Wraith kill with each turret. You'll want to start the mission off by hopping on the first gun and waiting for the Wraith to come down from the top of the screen. Then rush up to the first turret on the right to take out at least one more Wraith before moving straight across the path to the turret on the left for another Wraith kill. The last turret is to the top left of the area, and you will hopefully have at least one of the five Wraith targets left. The achievement will pop when you finish the mission.

  • Finish the objectives using only the Brute Shot, melee and grenades in Operation D, Mission 1

    This mission will introduce Brutes and the Brute Shot. At the start of the level you'll have a Brute Shot right next to you, and for the duration of the very short mission, use the Brute Shots and grenades on the two doors you need to blow up, and melee the Brutes that appear for more Brute Shot ammo. Be sure to run around to pick up grenades from enemies your teammates kill, and from the couple of grenade boxes, to make the mission go quicker.

  • Finish the objective without using any vehicles/turrets in Operation E, Mission 4

    This mission is a rather wide open area full of tons of turrets and vehicles (Ghosts and Wraiths), but with your setup it's not all that difficult to run through it.

    Basically, you want to rely on using your hologram to distract enemies, allowing you to run the opposite direction. Using this effectively can reduce the fire you take substantially, and also help influence the many Wraiths to help you thin out the numbers via friendly fire. The main idea for this achievement is to just run from Officer to Officer (the objective targets) and take them out, then move to the next. I found the Needler available in a crate near the very first ghost to be satisfactory for this, but obviously doing it with the Sniper Rifle will be even easier since they'll only take a single shot to kill. There aren't a ton of grenades in this level, so be sure to use them primarily on the Wraiths>Tanks>Turrets, since that's the general order of threat. Overall, it's a pretty simple achievement, though you most likely won't get the gold on this run.

  • Earn a star of any type

    You will get this the first time you get at least a Bronze mission on a mission. You should be able to get at least a gold on the first mission with relative ease, just be sure to keep your combos going to maintain killing sprees and multikills for high scores.

  • Earn your first Gold star

    See "117"

  • 117



    Earn all Gold stars

    You can check out a video playlist for gold stars by bblnx, here.

    Operation A

    • Mission 1-5 All of these missions basically test your ability to quickly move through the level, while maintaining a kill streak and getting multikills whenever possible. These are by far the easiest missions in the game (with one or two exceptions).

    Operation B

    • Mission 1 - Start off by purchasing the sniper rifle in place of your magnum. For the duration of the level you'll want to use your assault rifle on the suicide Grunts and the sniper rifle on the Elites and Major Grunts to keep your killionaire spree going. There is an assault rifle ammo cache right next to where you start out to keep you stocked up, and for the entirety of the mission you'll want to stay a bit beyond that, in the middle of the map, covering all three "lanes" the enemies come down, picking them off one by one.
    • Mission 2 - Very straightforward, simply stay on top of the enemy spawn points in both areas where you must protect the Wolverines. Since both points have two spawn points, you can keep tossing the flame grenades at one point to kill anything that spawns (the flames persist for a little bit) while you focus on the other one. You should be able to double the score that you need for gold (200k) with relative ease.
    • Mission 3 - This one is a bit tight, but I recommend purchasing the AutoSentry to help add some firepower, as finishing this quick adds quite a bit to your score. I also recommend grabbing the needler (replace your AR) off of the first group of Jackals to the NE of where you spawn and keep it as your primary weapon. From the start, continue NE and clear that area out prior to the SW area as this seems to be the best score wise for whatever reason.
    • Mission 4 - At the very start of the mission, rush to the midpoint of the bridge and get in the Wraith, then backtrack and start clearing the bridge of all enemies using the Wraith. There's a pretty high chance the mortar will hit the Wraith before you get in it, so make sure you avoid the explosive barrels, and other things that might kill you while you quickly clear the bridge, kill the tank and the end of the bridge, and head down the left path at the fork. Once you reach the wall at the end of the path, continue shooting your mortar from here to clear out all the enemies on the far side of the wall. At this point you should have well over the required score, so just finish the level and you're done.
    • Mission 5 - Practice. Once you get the location of each Wraith within your mind, as well as where there are Ghosts in relation to those Wraiths, getting 90k for this gold will become exceptionally easier. The practice will also hone your ability to move the tank, which I found quite difficult on a keyboard (especially compared to the Wraith). In general, start the level off by heading straight North, then around to the East and South to create a sort of horseshoe shape back toward where you started.

    Operation C

    • Mission 1 - Move fast. You can start off by using all of your starting grenades to clear out every group of enemies that you see, and carry that killing spree for as long as possible after that. Enemies group up a lot on this narrow path, so use grenades effectively for the rest of the level to maximize your score.
    • Mission 2 -Starting out you'll probably want to grab the sprint ability near to your left, the focus rifle a bit above you and the assault rifle one screen to the right of the starting point. The assault rifle will be used to deal with the regular Covenant, while the focus rifle will take out the Drones that spawn. Once the Ghosts spawn, immediately head to the top of the map and hijack the ghost, which you will use in a C-shaped route around the starting area to clear out the enemies that spawn once you save the engineers.
    • Mission 3 - Use your grenades to blow up the first couple of Wraiths, and when you see the regular (non-anti aircraft) Wraith, use your camouflage to help you get along side it and hijack it. Use this to clear a path to the top of the map where the enemies are spawning and then just keep dropping mortars on the enemy spawn point to rack up a high score.
    • Mission 4 - If you're like me, the cloaking Elites probably tick you off, which means you'll want to buy the sniper rifle to take them out quicker. They make up a good chunk of the level, and you'll have a pretty good boost in points with the sniper rifle, just make sure from around the second sniper location and on that you check beyond the last sniper in your group every now and then as enemies will spawn behind you a couple of times and the snipers die quick.
    • Mission 5 - Another defense mission. There will be two waves of drones that come from the right and some enemies coming from the left. Once you've cleared out the first two drone waves on foot, hop into the left turret to start racking up the points on the enemies that spawn on the left, top left and top of the screen. In the last minute or so of the mission a bunch of Brutes, Elites and Suicide Grunts will spawn, which is your queue to hop out of the turret and take them out on foot so you don't die if they blow up the turret.

    Operation D

    • Mission 1 - They key for this relatively short mission is to spend the entirety of it killing enemies, as you will have plenty of time to spare after completing the objectives. I recommend spending 1k credits on a sniper rifle to easily cut down the many Brutes and Elites that spawn to help rack up the points quicker.
    • Mission 2 - Clear out the first area with Marines on foot, then head to the second and hop on the machine gun turret to clear that one out. Between location two and three there will be some ghosts on the left - grab one. Clear up to the third location with Marines and continue past it to the left to keep your spree going. Just make sure you're not on the Ghost if it blows up and you should be ok.
    • Mission 3 - You'll start this mission out in a Grizzly, which you'll want to roll in until you reach a wall that you can't pass. Near the wall will be a couple of ghosts, one of which you'll want to hijack to bypass the wall and continue running over baddies until you've destroyed all the fuel rod turrets (make sure you keep moving while on the ghost to avoid fire from all the turrets).
    • Mission 4 - The most important thing to keep in mind in this level is that you need to get multikills, which means focus on the groups of Suicide Grunts and try to use a Suicide Grunt to blow up nearby Elites. The biggest jump in points will come in the last few seconds, so once you reach the damaged part of the bridge, head to the front of the Elephant to start clearing out the groups of enemies that spawn on the front left and right of the Elephant.
    • Mission 5 - Use the turrets to really rack up the score, but be sure to fire in bursts! Also, time your shots on the suicide Grunts to take out multiple enemies when they explode.

    Operation E

    • Mission 1 - Purchase a Sniper Rifle (replace the Magnum) and save it for the waves of Elites and Brutes at the end of the mission.
    • Mission 2 - Replace the focus rifle starting weapon with the sniper rifle and make sure you save it for the Elites and Brutes that spawn at the end of the level. Use your smgs to take out the Grunts - a second pair can be found on the right side of the wreckage you start near - and if you need them there are a few alternative abilities at the weapon caches near the outer wall of the area you need to protect, most importantly a regen shield. There is also a shotgun a few feet from where you start the level that you can use to gun down enemies later on as well. Your priority is to hold the outer line of walls to keep the Engineer safe, while the enemies come from either side of the small chasm in front of you. As always, work to keep the Killionaire going, meaning aim for suicide grunts that are in groups and definitely use the incendiary grenade to take out big groups quickly.
    • Mission 3 - When the mission starts, rush up the right side to the tank. Use this for the remainder of the mission (the guys in the rocks to the bottom left will eventually come to you) to get a more than sufficient score.
    • Mission 4 - Cruise through the first 20 seconds or so until you see the empty ghost on your left and hop in that. You can either stick to this for the duration, or stay in it until you see the first Wraith and hijack that (recommended). The real cash cow in points in this level is the area with the officer Elite guy on the left behind some walls with a turret where the drones spawn. In the Wraith, basically spam mortars on the edge of the cliff where the drones spawn to seriously rack up some points.
    • Mission 5- For this boss mission, I recommend going through it quick for a big bonus in the speed score. You'll also want to combo the enemies as they come through the door before the boss appears to boost your kill score. Once the boss spawns, stand in the middle near where the infinite plasma grenades spawn, and grenade the boss until he recovers his shield. He'll split into four and you'll need to grenade each location to find him and he'll stop recovering his health. The first time he does this he'll have two swords when he starts to fight you again, so watch out. The second time he'll have the two swords and a hardlight shield. Keep using grenades and you'll kill him in no time.
  • Earn 25000 XP throughout your career

    While 25,000 XP may seem like quite a daunting task, it should eventually come as you repeat missions to get more stars and complete challenges (which also give XP). You may also want to use a skull or two, depending on how confident you are at the game (I played most of the levels with at least Hollow on).

  • Earn all medals in the game at least once

    There are 32 medals in this game, including multiple tiers for many of them (such as 3 kills in a row and 10 kills in a row give you different medals). To save space, I stacked the tiers together or merged a tier of different weapons. Your medals progress can be seen in the medals section of the main menus.

    Double Kill - Killionaire : Get up to 10 kills in a row with less than 4 seconds between kills
    Killing Spree - Untouchable : Get up to 20 kills in a row without getting hit
    Rifle Spree/Pistol Spree/Grenade Spree : Get 3 kills in a row with the associated weapon without getting hit
    Target Practice/Pistol Perfect/Cluster Bomb : Get 6 kills in a row with the associated weapon without getting hit
    Contact/Gunslinger/Let it Rain : Get 10 kills in a row with the associated weapon without getting hit
    *All weapons fall into either the Rifle or Pistol category, and only grenades count for grenade kills (Brute Shot is a rifle)
    Splatter Spree-Sunday Driver : Get up to 10 kills in a row while in a vehicle without getting hit
    Assassin : Melee an enemy in the back (backspace)
    Sentry : Kill a vehicle with a turret
    Anticipation : Kill an enemy with a charged shot (Plasma pistol only, hold left and right click on the mouse to charge)
    Demolition : Destroy a structure with a grenade
    Swiss Army : Kill 5 enemies with 5 different weapons
    Wrecking Ball : Destroy an enemy vehicle with a vehicle of your own

    Many of these can be farmed on the very first mission, if you're having trouble with them. Chances are you will get all but maybe one or two of them naturally in a playthrough. Also note that once you unlock the medal, you can back out of the mission and it will still count.

  • Score a kill with every handheld weapon (excluding Rocket Launcher and Spartan Laser)

    Press E to swap weapons with those dropped by enemies and press SHIFT to switch weapons between primary and secondary.

    Assault Rifle
    Sniper Rifle (Costs 1,000 XP per mission)
    Plasma Pistol (Grunts)
    Plasma Repeater (Elites)
    Dual SMGs
    Needler (Jackals)
    Focus Rifle (Major Elites)
    Brute Shot (Brutes)

    The final weapon, the Brute Shot, will appear on the Operation D Mission 1. You will start a mission with each weapon on the list at least once, but you can also find them all during the game, appearing in the order they're listed in.

  • Use every armor ability at least once (excluding Overshield and Seeker Drone)

    Press Q to use an armor ability

    Regen Shield
    Auto Sentry (Costs 500 XP per mission)
    Stun Blast
    Active Camouflage
    Hardlight Shield

    You'll get all of these at the start of at least one mission, and you can also find them all scattered throughout the game, appearing in the order they're listed in.

  • Complete any mission with the maximum number of Skulls active

    You can apply a maximum of two skulls for any given mission, and this can be easily done on mission 1 if you apply Hollow (Spartan has only a shield) and Famine (Enemies drop weapons with less ammo). Really you can use any skulls you want, but those are the easiest. You can also get this done while doing the "Vidmaster Challenge" mission, as you will be required to use two skulls for that.

  • Complete Operation E, Mission 1 with the Hollow and Black Eye Skulls active

    Initiate Operation E, Mission 1 and equip Hollow (Only shields) and Black Eye (Only melee recharges shields) prior to starting the mission. Also, I highly recommend spending 1,000 XP on the Sniper Rifle to make the last section a breeze (especially the hammer Brute).

    Start the mission out by running up the right side and hopping in the turret to kill. Use it to kill the nearby enemies (try to save the next turret, but you don't have to). Now use your active camo ability to survive the combat with the next few enemies. Once your path turns so you're heading NE, use camo and rush straight North to the Wraith that is waiting for you. Use the Wraith to safely clear out all of the enemies, including the turret and other enemies along the road to the North (where you need to go). Once you've cleared the area, head to the Phantom where the objective is and pull out the Sniper Rifle to quickly take out the horde of Elites that come through the barrier to attack you and the Phantom. Once they're all dead, you win.

    Note that using this method should also get you a gold star on the mission.

  • Complete 75 challenges

    For this you'll need to focus on finishing the 75 mission-specific challenges, 3 for each mission in the game. The requirements can be found by looking in the challenges section in the main menus. In general, they range rather drastically in difficulty and the amount of time you'll need to spend doing them, so you'll want to look at them early on and try to take them out while you go through your playthroughs and try to get gold on all missions.

DLC: Operation Hydra

There are 5 achievements with a total of 50 points

  • Complete Operation F

    After updating the game, simply repeat the last mission in Operation E to activate Operation F, and then complete all of the new missions for this achievement.

  • Destroy all Mega Turrets with the Grizzly tank in Operation F, Mission 2

    The massive Mega Turrets are you primary objective and you will start out in a Grizzly Tank, which you will want to use to take out all 4 mega turrets. This isn't overly tricky, so long as you watch out for the suicide grunts, ghosts, wraiths, and other turrets that will try and work you over while you do the objectives.

    There are two important things that should be noted here:

    1. The tank you start in is the only Grizzly tank. The other tanks are Scorpions and won't get you the achievement if you use them.
    2. You must destroy each cannon with the cannon on your tank, and cannot use your machine gun, nor can an ally sitting on the tank take it out with an Assault rifle or rocket launcher.
  • Earn all Gold stars in Operation F

    Mission F1 - 120,000
    For this one, all your really need to do is milk the time a bit so you have more time to rack up some points (preferably using the turrets for combos). Use the first three minute to slowly move to the two Tyrant Anti-air batteries and blow them up while you clear out every enemy you come across. You will then have another timer to clear out all of the remaining enemies - including any standing turrets and a tank - within two minutes.

    Mission F2 - 120,000
    You're rolling around in the most powerful vehicle in the game, so it's not hard to imagine how you get a combo going in this beast. Make sure you clear the whole area, as opposed to just going after the objectives, as there are a couple of vehicles in the right side of the map that can give you some extra points.

    Mission F3 - 120,000
    This is the usual defense mission, and I spent the duration sitting on the turret closest to where you start the mission. The relatively frequent spawning of Brutes should help you get the score easier than usual.

    Mission F4 - 150,000
    It should go without saying, but you'll probably want to do this before or after doing Vidmaster Challenge 2.0. You might also want to get a sniper rifle to help speed up the killing of the many Brutes and Elites on the level, and also keep the shotgun to quickly clear out crowds of drones. It may take a couple of attempts to get a solid combo/killstreak, but the big points you get from each enemy adds up fast.

    Mission F5 - 120,000
    Practice. I bought the auto sentry and the sniper rifle after some trial and error and that seemed to do the trick. One key thing to note is that you will want to get a solid multi-kill on the groups of grunts that spawn by kiting them around a bit until you get a decent sized group and then grenade them all.

  • Complete Operation F, Mission 4 with the Blind and Thunderstorm Skulls active

    Using these two skills will remove the HUD and increase the damage of the enemies. The first one isn't so bad, I'll just let you know that the three power conduit objectives you need to destroy are in the bottom left, bottom right, and top right of the main area of this very small mission. I recommend doing the objectives in that order as well, as there is a turret near the bottom left one that you can combo on, and save grenades when you destroy the glowing orb. There is also a grenade stash nearby so you hopefully won't run out when you go to grenade the other two orbs. Once they're all destroyed, head to the very top of the central area to find a turret that you can use to clear the area, before meeting at the door just North of you.

  • Complete all Operation F mission challenges

    Same deal as the base game; finish all 3 unique challenges for each of the 5 new missions. They're all pretty basic, and over all they are either repetitive and easy, or require a bit more work but only a few times, unlike some of the challenges in the main game.

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