Not a Scratch Achievement

  • Not a Scratch



    Keep the Wraith 100% intact in Operation B, Mission 4

    The safest way to do this is to actually not use the Wraith unless it is necessary. There are a few times when you'll need to lower a gate by destroying the power source with the Wraith, but just travel on foot and eliminate all enemies before advancing. As long as you aren't in the Wraith and it's far enough back, no enemies will try to destroy it. I also recommend you pick up the Regen Shield since you'll be fighting quite a few enemies.

    You know you are near the end once you encounter an Elite driving a Ghost. Once you clear out the entire area, use a Ghost (if available) to drive back to your Wraith. There might be a few Grunts huddled around your Wraith but just kill them, then get in the Wraith and drive to the objective. Destroy the last power source and the mission ends for your achievement.


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