Night Knight Achievement

  • Night Knight



    Do not allow the Watchers to resurrect any Knights in Operation C, Mission 4

    The main issue I found with trying this achievement was ammo. Make sure to always have at least one weapon available to quickly take out Watchers. As soon as you see them go near a fallen Knight, kill them. Conserve ammo on Watchers and Crawlers with melees as they are one hit kills. To keep track of fallen Knights, every time they should drop a Teleport armor ability, which makes their location easy to find. If possible, kill Knights as close to the little rings you stand on as possible so you don't risk one getting revived off screen. I also find using the Shock Chain ability helps if you are being overwhelmed by enemies.

    As long as you are diligent in killing every Watcher and keep track of your ammo and dead Knights, you should have this achievement within a few attempts.

  • A simple strategy is to go in with Overshield when charging the platforms and just stay there until you really have to move out due to grenades, etc. Coupled with the sniper/rocket launcher for offense, you should be able to do a full platform without leaving it at all or once at most. However, at the fourth platform it would seem that Knights spawn endlessly and Watchers tend to revive them off screen. Hence, it would be preferable to not fight Knights at all and instead keep a distance from them until you can just run for the exit.

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