Beam Dance Achievement

  • Beam Dance



    Complete Operation D, Mission 5 without getting hit by a Focus Turret

    This one is fairly tough. Focus Turrets are those annoying Forerunner laser turrets. They take quite a bit of damage to destroy. Your best weapon will be Pulse, Plasma and Frag Grenades. Also focus on using your armor ability to your advantage.

    There are two sections with the turrets. The first is objective: 'Kill all the Watchers'. There are numerous turrets, make sure to stick to cover and destroy them before going out of cover. Be careful not to run out to destroy them unless they have low health. Their charge up time before firing is very quick and will hit you unless you get lucky.

    The second section is the Inner Campus. Turrets will spawn around the circular map. They only spawn once so if you take them out as they spawn, you should be safe. Just watch your radar for red dots that aren't moving. I like to use Teleport, hide behind the turret, and then mash grenade so I throw as soon as possible to take them out. Once you are tasked to get to the campus to end the mission, there will be no more turrets.

    If you're struggling, buy the Damage Boost upgrade and it should only take one grenade to wipe out the turrets.

  • Once inside the inner campus, stay at the northmost point and you can avoid the turrets entirely. Keep the air strike armor ability on hand just in case.

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