GEN2 Achievement

  • GEN2



    Use every Armor Ability at least once

    There are 11 armor abilities in this game. You have to use them all at least once to unlock this achievement.

    The abilities are:

    • Airstrike*
    • Overshield*
    • M2705 Regeneration Field (Regen Bubble)*
    • Seeker Drone*
    • Sprint (Default on Mission A-4)
    • Bubble Shield (Default Mission A-5)
    • Proximity Mine (Available in Mission B-1 as pick-up)
    • Active Camo (Available in Mission B-3 as pick-up)
    • Teleport (Available after killing Knight in Mission B-5)
    • Shock Chain (Available on Mission C-3 as enemy drop)
    • Auto Sentry (Available on Mission C-4 as enemy drop)

    * = Indicates ability is available either default or as a purchasable upgrade on Mission A-2.


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