Vidmaster Challenge B Achievement

  • Vidmaster Challenge B



    Complete Operation B, Mission 6 with the Hollow and Pacifist Skulls active

    This is really easy. Apply the skulls and start up the mission. Use the Kestrel vehicle to run over enemies and progress through the mission. You'll get into that courtyard and you'll have to 'survive' until the gate comes down. Just drive in a big circle, splatter enemies and avoiding suicide Grunts. If your vehicle gets damaged there is a second one on the top of this section.

    After you get to the LZ, you'll have to survive for another two minutes or so. What I did was just hid on the very top of the map (where the Pelican gets you at the end), behind one of the Forerunner gate pillars on the edge of the cliff. I never got attacked or approached. It also makes it easy to end this mission because the objective is right next to you.

  • In the last bit, you can just hide at the very bottom in front of the barrier that came up where you entered.

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