Vidmaster Challenge C Achievement

  • Vidmaster Challenge C



    Complete Operation C, Mission 6 with the Black Eye and Pacifist Skulls active

    For this mission I'd recommend using the Overshield Armor Ability and buying the Damage Boost upgrade. You'll only want to be melee killing enemies, but you can also use grenades. Save your grenades for Knights, especially ones with Scattershots. Otherwise regular Knights and Elites are two hit kills, and everything else is a one hit kill. While running to the bottom of the map to hijack the Covenant ship, just melee everything in sight while running through as fast as possible. You can skip the Chieftains by running by them.

    Use the Overshield ability when your shields are really low; you'll be invincible for 8 seconds. You should have any trouble if you follow this guide.

  • This can be quite challenging if your having problems with this I recommend getting the Overshield armor ability,and shield booster. When u start off mêlée the crawlers use the turret when the knights arrive or when u feel most vunerable use it until it breaks off, also make use of your grenades to slow your enemys down. Once the ship or whatever it is that you defend leaves you, you have to head south at this point you're in the clear take it slow no need to rush at the last area where you fight against grunts, elites, crawlers, and knight take cover and use your grenades to clear some enemies I had the shock grenades that holds them in place and I would run up to them and mêlée them in the face then back to cover not once did I have to shoot
  • Simple mission really. Haven't tested the Shield Booster but logically Black Eye would negate it.

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