Vidmaster Challenge E Achievement

  • Vidmaster Challenge E



    Complete Operation E, Mission 6 with the Hollow and Black Eye Skulls active

    Easiest way to do this is to use the Overshield upgrade and Power Boost upgrade. Sit on the turrets the WHOLE time. With the damage boost you should be able to eviscerate every enemy before the get close to you. Also, your shields will not be affected as long as you're on the turret. Just make sure to jump off before it blows up, because that will kill you.

    You can blow up the Shade Turrets with the Machine Gun Turret. For the one on the left and top of the map, use the top Machine Gun Turret. For the one on the right you can use either one. I had to get off the turret to trigger the "other spartan" to get on the Hornet, but I just used a Rocket Launcher, which is to the left of the top turret, and Overshields to get close enough to make him run. As soon as he's running towards you, turn around and get ready to get on the Hornet. As soon as you get on, the mission will end.


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