Thorough Achievement

  • Thorough



    Complete all Assault Ops for Operations A through E

    For a 'thorough' guide check THIS THREAD.

    Honestly, you shouldn't have much trouble completing these. All of them are cumulative, and progress saves even if you abort the mission. Every Op is some form of "Kill X with Y" and should be easily completed within a few runs of the mission, if not a single run. As soon as you complete the last (out of 90) Assault Op, the achievement should unlock.

  • Can't wait for mindless grinding. Hopefully they removed the microtransactions.
  • Please tell me it's more bearable this time.
  • @#2 nope theres 90 assault ops
  • @Reytrill, I think this achievement is a lot easier than the equivalent from Spartan Assault. Most of the tasks can be completed in your first playthrough, while a small amount require 2-3 attempts, such as killing 20 Elites with a Plasma Repeater in the first level when there are only about 6 Elites in the level itself.

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