Does Whatever a Spartan Can? Achievement

  • Does Whatever a Spartan Can?



    H3: ODST: Destroy a Wraith


    This can be obtained on Kizingo Boulevard on the Easy difficulty setting. As soon as the mission begins, turn around immediately and you should see a Wraith alongside two Jackals ambushing your position. Since you’re playing on the lowest difficulty, you’ll be able to run right up to the Wraith and board it from either the front or back. Once you’re in the animation of hijacking the Covenant vehicle, use your melee attacks to destroy the Wraith in just 4-5 punches and unlock the achievement with ease.

  • You have to do this by beating the wraith with your hands
  • Yeah, this one's not working for me. There are waaaaay to many achievements for H3: ODST that are not unlocking.
  • ODST all collectable and missions specific achievements. Achievements are time stamped in descriptions.
  • Just kill the gunner, EMP it, and punch the dude piloting it (or the area around it in my case).
  • You have to make sure that you are using the melee button to destroy the Wraith, not planting a grenade.
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