Tourist Achievement

  • Tourist



    Halo 2: Complete a match on at least 8 different classic multiplayer maps.


    This achievement can be obtained quickly through Custom Games on your own at any point during your time on the game. From the Main Menu, select the Multiplayer tab and head into a Halo 2 Classic Custom Game lobby. From here, go ahead and select the very first map available and then launch the match.

    Once the match begins, pause the game and select “Quit.” This will count as a completed match on that particular map which means all you need to do is repeat this simple process on seven other Halo 2 classic maps. Once you have completed a match on eight different classic maps, this achievement will unlock. Just make sure you are choosing classic Halo 2 maps and not the six remastered maps!

  • Guide Here :
  • I'm now seeing this only increasing with games played in matchmaker, not in custom games on my own.
  • The above way has been patched, but if you complete the game instead of quitting out, it still counts so can still be obtained through custom games
  • It seems that the above method does indeed not work anymore for the Achievements "Sightseeing", "Checking Out Your Options" (Halo CE) and "Tourist" and "Windows Shopping" (Halo 2). However, the Halo 3/4 versions of these Achievements (World Traveler, Just Browsing, Going International, Taste Test) still work with it.
  • it's 3/12/2016, I can confirm that it's PATCHED you cannot start games and just QUIT to get this ACHV. However, I successfully got this by turning on a 2nd controller and changing the game options to the lowest score/time and got the ACHV. You have to COMPLETE a match now, you cannot just quit.
  • It's not patch. I just did this via custom game and quitting out right away, same with Window Shopping. You just need to be sure you are in CLASSIC mode, and not playing Anniversary by mistake.

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