- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 11 [180 ]
- Online: 1 [10 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 45 minutes.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 100 [5 minutes]
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

This game gets a 3/10 because it is a simple game even for those who have never played this game before. It does deserve some work and some learning, but the achievements are easy and if you play 5 games you will get about 7 achievements.

Backgammon is a game that is played by tons of people today. This is the arcade game of it and it is extremely easy and is actually somewhat fun. You can mess with your friends/opponents online and blow bubbles/hearts/etc… at them and that will entertain you while going for these 12 achievements for 45 minutes. You will need 100 playthroughs because you need to win 100 games, but there is an easy way to get this, which I will explain later. There is 1 glitch, which you will love. This glitch allows you to win 25 games without actually winning 25 games, just 1; I shall explain that later as well. Do not worry though, it isn’t a cheating glitch. You have to win 1 game against the AI and 24 more against an opponent online.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

"Mega Streaker"
There are two ways to make this achievement fast.
1) Do not get the Xbox Live update and when trying to get “Mega Streaker” just quit out of the game when you are about to lose, this will not count as a loss or win.
2) Get the update and win one game, get another friend online and play 24 more games together. But you can make this shorter. The person getting the achievement “Mega Streaker” has to use the double cube on their turn, and on the next turn (your friend's turn) he declines, that counts as a loss for him and a win for you. Do this 23 more times. Make sure it is a player match so you do not have to research for each other.

"Backgammon Veteran"
Now that you read about “Mega Streaker” you will see how this will take only 5 minutes or less. So just start a game with your friend and the person going first uses the doubling cube and the next person rejects it. This will go extremely fast, because you can finish over 20 games a minute. This is no glitch, the game just counts it as a win for the person using the doubling cube, and a loss for the person rejecting. It does not matter if you win 100 or lose 100 games, you just need to play 100 of these games, and in player match you will restart the game right away.

"Backgammon Baby"
This might be a little difficult, but it is doable. You will need to have one of your opponents checker on the bar when you win. To do this, get a good amount of your checkers into your safe zone. When you have 2-3 left out, make sure these are on your opponent’s side, and get 1-3 of their checkers on the bar. Also, try and get 2 of your checkers on each row in your base. This will not allow any of the checkers on the bar able to get off. Now get your final pieces into your base and start putting them away. Try to avoid having only 1 checker in a row, because if the opponent rolls that number, you are on their bar and cannot put any of your checkers away. Just put the rest of your checkers away and by the end of the game, your opponent might get 1 or 2 checkers off, but he will most likely still have 1 left of the bar allowing you to get this achievement.

"Prime Pied Pipper"
There is really no advice for this, just play the game about 3-4 times and you will more than likely get this achievement. A pip is one space from the goal, so you will need to have your opponent’s total space away from the goal at 75 in order to get this achievement.

"Bar Baron"
This one is a little challenging but not too challenging. You will need to get 4 of your opponent’s checkers on the bar. To do this, just land on 1 of their pieces and it will be put on the bar. The best way for this is to get 2 pieces on every row in your safe zone, so the opponent’s piece does not come off of the bar. Just get 4 checkers on the bar and the achievement will unlock right away.

See how this game is easy now? It will take 45 minutes because the other achievements do take a while but are easy. Also, getting that first win to set up for “Mega Streaker” might take a bit, like 5 or so minutes. As always, the other achievements are easy and if you are to be having trouble, refer to the achievement guide.

[XBA would like to thank Evil Demon55 for this Road Map]

Hardwood Backgammon Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Play a total of 100 games. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    Backgammon is a board game played with checkers and a pair of dice. Players have fifteen checkers each. The game is played on a board with twenty four spaces on it, with twelve on each side. The board is further broken down into quadrants, 1-6, 7-12, 14-18, and 19-24. Each space is called a pip. A pip is one space away from the goal (spaces twenty five and zero, which will be explained later). Looking at the board, the red side has five checkers in the #19 space. These checkers are all six pips away from the goal, the same for the black’s checkers in space #6.

    This is the way the board looks, and this picture will be the reference for all explanations of the rules of the game. For the game, the Red player is sitting on the 13-24 side, and the Black player is sitting on the 1-12 side:

    Players start by each rolling a die, whoever rolls a higher number goes first. Each player in turn rolls their dice. Each die must then be used independently. For example, if a three and a five are rolled, one checker may move three space another move five spaces. Now the same checker may move both times, but there can’t be any variation of the numbers, for instance two checkers moving four squares each. The die roll must be used in its entirety. If a player rolls a double, he gets to move that number four times instead of twice.

    The object is for the red player to move all of his checkers into the 19-24 quadrant and the black player to move all of his checkers to the 1-6 quadrant.

    Along the way, the opportunity may arise to land your checker on a space where your opponent’s checker already resides. In this case, as long as there is only a single checker, you may land your checker there and send your opponent's checker to the bar. The bar is the wide space between the two halves of the board, between 7&18 and 6 &19. When your checker is sent to the bar, you must move it on your very next roll and movement is started into the home quadrant of your opponent, for example a black checker on the bar must move into the 19-24 quadrant.

    Sending checkers to the bar is where a significant portion of the strategy of the game comes from. A checker may only be sent to the bar if it is sitting in a space alone. As long as you have two or more checkers there, there is no danger of losing them as your opponent is unable to land in that space. As well as protecting your own pieces, you may use this same rule to block your opponent’s checkers. For example, in the above illustration if a black piece were to land on the bar, the black player would have to roll one to five in order to move as rolling a six would put him in a space already occupied and therefore he must remain on the bar. Now only having one occupied space is not an especially good deterrent as there are two die and therefore two chances to roll one to five. However, if the red side happened to have spaces 19, 20, 21, 23, and 24 each occupied with two or more checkers, the black person would have to remain on the bar until they are able to roll a three. This is advantageous because if you are able to fill all six spaces you can literally keep your opponent unable to move while you move all of your checkers to your home quadrant.

    Once a player has all of their checkers in their home quadrant, they may begin moving pieces off the board. Imagine that there are also zero and twenty five spaces on the board. These are the goals and are where you want all your checkers to be. Once all fifteen checkers are in the quadrant the player may then use then use their dice rolls to move checkers off the board into the goal, still using the same rules as before about not splitting up numbers. Once some checkers are removed the situation will arise where for example a six will be rolled but the farthest checker is only five pips away from the goal. Under this circumstance alone, the player may move the highest pip checkers to the goal even though they are fewer spaces than are rolled.

    The winner is the player who is able to move all of their checkers into their goal first. The winner then receives one point. The game can be set to any number of points needed to win but the easiest and fastest way is to set it to one point needed to win.

    For boosting purposes, there is also a much easier and simpler way to win. In backgammon, there is a cube called the “doubling cube.” Each player, when it is their turn, has the option to offer a double to their opponent. This is done by pressing when it is your turn. If the cube is accepted, this means the game is now worth two points instead of one. The other player then has the option to offer it back, now worth four points. The cube only goes to sixty four, but theoretically a game could go to an unlimited amount of points. However, if a player offers a double and the opponent declines, the player who offered the cube automatically wins. So for boosting purposes, start up a game, set it to one point to win and when it is your turn, offer the cube to your friend and have them decline. Rinse and repeat.

    For this achievement, you do not need to win the games, simply to play them. If boosting with a friend, there is an achievement for winning twenty five in a row. Through boosting for that you will have fifty games already, and are halfway to this achievement.

    *Note* This achievement, as well as all others, can be done in Xbox Live, in either Ranked or Player Matches. Usually Ranked Matches will be harder, with more skilled opponents and Player will be filled with casual gamers. Use this to determine which is best for you. Player is the best to use for boosting, because then you also have the ability to invite friends into your room which is not available in Ranked matches.

  • Win 25 consecutive games. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    Using the rules outlined in “Backgammon Veteran” you need to win twenty five games in a row. The easiest way to do this is through boosting with a friend using the doubling cube, but it can also be done legitimately as well.

  • Win a total of 25 games. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    This is the same as “Mega Streaker”, though much easier because they do not need to be in a row. Simply win twenty five games during the course of your career. Though if you are boosting for “Mega Streaker”, you will get this one automatically along the way.

  • Complete 10 games in Xbox Live play.

    This is the same as “Backgammon Veteran”, but instead of 100 games in any mode you only have to complete 10, but they must be online games.

  • Win a total of 10 games. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    By following the rules from “Backgammon Veteran” win 10 games in any game mode, online or offline. This achievement can be obtained either legitimately or through boosting with a friend.

  • Win 10 consecutive games. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    This is the same as “Backgammon Beginner”, except they must be in a row instead of overall. If you are boosting for “Mega Streaker” then this achievement will pop up automatically along the way.

  • Win a game with a gammon. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    For this achievement follow the rules of “Backgammon Veteran” but win the game without your opponent having moved any of his checkers off the board into his goal.

  • Win a game by 75 pips. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    As stated in “Backgammon Veteran”, a pip is one space from the goal. To put this simply, you must win the game while having your opponent’s combined checkers distance from the goal, at least seventy five spaces.

  • Win a game with a backgammon. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    A backgammon is a very difficult maneuver and is almost impossible to boost. A backgammon occurs when you move all of your checkers into the goal, clearing your board, while your opponent still has at least one checker up on the bar. I say almost impossible because your partner cannot purposely keep his checkers up there. If you have checkers on the board and roll a number that can be moved, it must be moved.

    It is possible however to boost. There is a later achievement called “Bar Baron”. This achievement occurs when you get four or more of your opponent’s checkers up on the board at the same time. This can be boosted, because your opponent can purposely leave checkers singled, thus leaving them open to be put on the bar. As stated in “Backgammon Veteran”, a good strategy is to keep your home quadrant filled with at least two checkers in each spot which will take a minimum of twelve checkers, leaving three left over. Keep these as close to the opponent’s home quadrant as possible, giving you more of a chance to send more checkers to the bar. Hopefully, this will get you at least four or more checkers on the bar. Then move your checkers to your home quadrant and start clearing, making sure to never leave a checker alone. Then pray for doubles. As mentioned before, a double lets you have four moves. If you start by clearing out spaces, your opponent may get the chance to move one or two pieces out, but hopefully, if you put enough up there and cleared out your quadrant in a systematic way, within a few tries you will end the game with there still being a checker on the bar giving you the achievement.

  • Win a game by 50 pips. Earn this in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    Please see "Prime Pied Piper" for more information. This achievement is exactly the same but requires you to win by fifty pips instead of seventy five.

  • Get four of your opponent's checkers on the bar at once. Earn it in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    Please see "Backgammon Baby" for more information.

  • Win a game with a doubling cube bonus. Earn this achievement in Single Player or Xbox Live play.


    As mentioned in “Backgammon Veteran”, there is a doubling cube that will automatically end the game when denied. Instead of having your opponent deny it, have them accept it and then win the game and the achievement is yours.

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