- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 30 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 12-16 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [using save copy technique]
- Missable achievements: Yes [Flower Powered (10G), Unstoppable (100G), Second thoughts (50G), Don't look back (70G)]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

Two lovers gave up everything and escaped to a lost planet to be together. Glide through a mysterious landscape, explore a fragmented world and fight against what’s trying to tear them apart in this RPG adventure about love, rebellion, and freedom. Does love really conquer all?

Missables and Endings:
There are four missable achievements in the game. The first you'll need to watch out for is Unstoppable (100G) which requires you to never get KO'd, where both members of your team die in battle at the same time. You can have one die and finish a battle with them dead and that's fine, but if both fall at the same time you'll void this achievement - assuming you continue on and save. Simply dashboard and quit the game, then reload to ensure you don't miss this.

The next three are tied to the game's two endings. When you get to the end of the game and need to make the big decision regarding the flow bridge (it's super obvious but I'll mention it in more detail below), you'll want to quit to the main menu and make a copy of your save. This is done in-game, so no need to get a USB stick or anything fancy. Just choose to copy your existing save into a new slot and then choose not to sever the bridge for Second thoughts (50G). Load up the copy save you made and choose to sever the bridge to get Don't look back (70G) and Flower Powered (10G).

As you play through the game, make sure you don't ever let both characters die at the same time in battle as mentioned above. You can play on the easiest difficulty setting to assist with this. While going through the story there are a number of things you'll want to do before the big decision at the end. The main task is to completely eliminate the rust on each island, with the secondary task of repairing the Nest to full function. While exploring for those tasks, be sure to gather as many indredients and seeds as you can, and return to the Nest/Camp often to cook and sleep to increase your relationship status. This will offer a number of unique cutscenes as well as serve as the game's leveling mechanic to increase your stats.

In battle there are a few unique miscellaneous achievements, there are a few exploration-related achievements on some of the islands, and a few optional bosses to defeat as well. With how open this game is as far as the story and exploration go, it's hard to give a specific "path" to getting everything done. I'd suggest just playing the story naturally and then once you get toward the end of the story, read up on each of the achievements you may have not already done naturally and knock them out one by one. You can use this map to find all of the Nest parts and where some of the specific achievements need to be done.

The "point of no return" in the story for the two endings is fairly obvious, you'll have to choose to pilot the Nest after fully repairing it. Make sure you have all the rust cleaned from the world, all combat and optional bosses completed, and any exploration achievements done before doing so. You should only have the three achievements tied to the endings and the one for beating the game without getting KO'd left when you choose to pilot the Nest. Again, make sure you make a copy of your save before piloting the nest so you can get both endings.

Haven is an absolutely gorgeous game about love and exploration. It has a beautiful art style, solid yet easy combat, and a ton of really cool little details throughout it that will continually make you smile. Aside from the few missable achievements in the game (which are easily avoided with minimal prep) the completion basically comes down to exploring the world fully, which is a joy to do in all honesty.

Haven Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Hold each others' hands and never let go

    When gliding through the world with rt.png, after a few seconds your characters will hold hands and glide together. You need to have them do this for at least five seconds in a row. Some islands are much larger than others, so a nice big straight area is best for this, or very shallow curves. If you turn too sharply or run into something, they'll let go of each other and the achievement won't unlock.
  • Give a healing hug

    Once you complete a battle having taken some damage, let your characters stand idle for a few seconds and they will hug each other which will heal one of them for a small amount of health.
  • Become a bird perch

    Similar to Hug therapy (10G) this requires you to put the controller down and let your characters idle for a time. I believe it must be done near a shoreline or water source, as I tried it twice in areas of large grass and it never happened. Near water, your character should hug, then kiss, then sit down. Once they are sitting, a bird should fly in and land on one of their heads. Once you stand back up, the achievement will unlock.
  • Take a spill each, back-to-back

    On Guyapa, if you use the camp a bird will steal your pants. You will then learn how to propel your characters forward by holding button-a.png  to try and catch the bird creatures. For this achievement, you must purposely miss the throw twice in a row by holding 1LSUp.gif and letting go of button-a.png so the character lands on their face. After the first miss, you'll switch who you're controlling and can then throw the other person badly in the same manner for them each to "take a spill" and unlock the achievement.
  • Land a double backflip

    This achievement requires the first glide boot upgrade, which you find as part of the story at the same time you unlock the game's map. Once back at the Nest you can upgrade the boots at one of the stations, then the next time you find a tall cliff, glide off of it and both characters should do a backflip to unlock the achievement. It doesn't require any button inputs on your part, and it's just a single backflip for each character performed side-by-side to satisfy the "double" portion of the name.
  • Reach the heights

    Once you've upgraded the glide boots (see Life’s short, ride long (10G)), you can tackle some of the aerial flow streams. On the island of "Benadon" you'll find one such air flow that will take you to the topuyl of the mountain. It has some sharp turns so be sure you're using your drift ability with lt.png for assistance in finishing the course to unlock the achievement.

  • Block attacks until exhaustion

    You can get this in your very first battle. Choose the dpad-down.png/button-a.png option with the same character over and over to block until they get tired and the achievement will unlock immediately.
  • Launch a max-power assistance

    This can also be done in your very first battle. Let one of the enemies continually hit you until a character falls, then press the dpad-down.png/button-a.png option with the other character to help them back up. You'll get a short mini-game where a spinning slice of a wheel rotates around while two "charges" fill up. Once both charges are filled, be sure to let go of the action button when the wheel slice is lined up with the white line to get the maximum effect.
  • Launch a max-power double-attack

    This achievement is done very similarly to Last minute (10G). However, you'll need a few upgrades before you can attempt this. Once you level up your "Blast" attack, you'll have the "charges" available similar to the assistance from the previous achievement when you do a Duo-Blast. Let the charges fill up and then release when the wheel slice is next to the white line to get the maximum effect.
  • Hit 5 critters in their weak spot, in one swoop

    This achievement is best done against the beetle enemies that are weak to "impact" attacks. Eventually during the story you will learn to craft capsule items that you can use in battle that will hit all enemies. Beetles often have 5+ enemies in a group, so you can use the Impact capsule to get a critical hit on each of them for this achievement, then you can also pacify all of them at once for Shake the rust off their feet (50G).
  • Pacify five critters in one swoop

    See Strike! (50G) for an easy way to get this achievement.
  • Finish the game without KO

    This achievement sounds much harder than it is. First of all, you can lower the game's difficulty if you'd like to make combat easier. Then, you can also dashboard and force quit the game if you ever do get KO'd. The game doesn't save directly after a death, only when either moving to a new island or quitting the game from the menu. It is also important to note that a "KO" is only counted if both characters fall in battle at the same time. If one person falls and you finish the battle without them, that's fine.

    I would suggest making use the of the save copy feature when you choose "Load Game" from the menu. Do this every hour or so to further minimize the risk of needing an entire second playthrough if you somehow do get a KO that saves. Otherwise, just dashboard if you die, and be sure to return to the nest often to rest, cook, and synthesize medicine.
  • Reach the maximum relationship level

    Every time you win a battle, cook, eat, or sleep your relationship status with the couple will slightly increase. Just keep repeating all four of those actions to continue leveling up and once all your stats are maxed out in the menu, the achievement will unlock.
  • Fill the vegetable patch

    This achievement is tied to a fun rivalry between your characters. They are competing to find seeds, and you will be required to switch between the two characters along the way to progress the contest. Seeds will be harvested from the plants that give fruit. There are six different seed types in the game and you must progress the contest in this manner:
    • Appledew, Boba Nut, Rattlepepper, Helicap: pick up two of each with Kay, then switch to Yu.
    • Loofacrid: pick up one with Kay, then one with Yu, and then the last again with Kay.
    • Creamberry: can pick up all three with Yu all in a row.
    Once you return to the Nest with three of any type of seed, that plant will start growing outside the Nest. Once you return to the island with the final set of seeds, the achievement will unlock.
  • Taste every dish

    There are a total of 21 dishes to cook and eat for this achievement. 15 of them must be done in the Nest while the other 6 can only be done at Camps out on the islands. The majority of the ingredients are very common, though Loofacrid can only be found in swamp areas and Creamberry is only found in the southern plains islands. The recipes are as follows:

    Nest Only
    • Roasted Appledews - Appledew + Appledew
    • Spicy Appledew - Appledew + Rattlepepper
    • Marble Appledew Cake - Appledew + Helicap
    • Turnovers à la Kay - Appledew +  Loofacrid
    • Glazed Boba - Appledew + Boba
    • Boba Salad - Boba + Boba
    • Boba Massala - Boba + Rattlepepper
    • Veggie Kabobs - Boba + Helicap
    • Slow Noodles - Boba + Loofacrid
    • Creamberry Fondue - Creamberry + Creamberry
    • Creamberry Flambé - Creamberry + Appledew
    • Pot-au-flow - Creamberry + Boba
    • Chili Cheesecake - Creamberry + Rattlepepper
    • Creamberry Custard - Creamberry + Helicap
    • Harmony Bun - Creamberry + Loofacrid
    Camp Only
    • Appledew Stew - Appledew + Appledew
    • Boba-Appledew Broth - Appledew + Boba
    • Apple-Berry Cream - Appledew + Creamberry
    • Boba Puree - Boba + Boba
    • Boba Cream-Berry Soup - Boba + Creamyberry
    • Creamberry Chowder - Creamberry + Creamberry
    Once you have cooked and eaten the final recipe, the achievement will unlock. You will know if you have already eaten a recipe when you go to cook it, as it will show the name and stats, where it will show "??" if it is undiscovered. Make sure you always eat right after cooking so you don't get confused as to which ones you've actually eaten or not. Otherwise you can stash everything in the fridge and just binge later on.
  • Clean up the rust on every fragment

    For this achievement, you need to collect every pink mound by skating over it on each of the game's islands. You will get a notification on screen once you have fully cleaned an island, and it will show as cleared on the map as well. Sometimes you may run out of juice for your glide boots, so be sure to follow the flow threads whenever you see them so you can continue cleaning the environment. Enemies will continue to spread rust, so you also need to battle and pacify every creature on the islands for this as well.

Secret achievements

  • Try on the flower boots


    This achievement unlocks naturally in the game's Epilogue. You need to pair this with Don't look back (70G) for choosing the ending where you sever the flow bridge. The other ending does not go to the Epilogue.
  • Beat the Beruberu

    This optional boss has a unique spawn requirement. You must stay outside the Nest for a few in-game days (which can be about 20-30 minutes of game time), and you will start to see the screen distort and earthquakes happen. This is how you know it will show up soon, and it can show up on any island. At this time, I'd suggest getting to a Camp and healing fully, then transitioning to a new island so your game saves. The whale is slow, so you can outrun it if you need to get to Camp first. I would highly suggest having a speed tonic and a few healing balms available for this fight, as it is by far the most difficult in the game.

    Once the battle starts, there will be three phases. The first phase is simple enough, just use a Duo-Blast followed by a Duo-Impact and repeat until the health bar gets to yellow. The second phase is similarly easy, you need to match your attacks to the glow around its body: use Duo-Blast while it is red and Duo-Impact while it is green. The third phase will see the boss charge up a laser attack that hits twice in a row. You want to make sure you are shielding with one character when it fires and immediately charge and shield with the other character to block the second shot. This will do a ton of damage without blocking (as does pretty much all its attacks, so block often in the first two phases as well).

    Once trick I found during the third phase, and I'm not sure how it worked, was doing basic Impact attacks with each character staggered like one second apart. Somehow this put the boss into a constant state of disruption and it was unable to charge its laser or attack in any way. It took a long time to whittle down its massive health, but I also didn't have to worry about timing my attacks versus shielding agains the laser, so it was a really nice method. It takes way too long to charge up anything but a Level 1 Duo attack after the lasers, so using basic attacks is preferred anyway.

    This boss is mostly a test of your blocking skills and your patience, so take your time to heal when necessary and don't try to get in too many hits between attacks. Taking unshielded damage is a sure way to lose.
  • Beat the Lorudo

    This optional boss is found on the island of Wakiri. The key to doing damage here is to land three basic Blast attacks, then charge up a Duo-Impact attack while it glows green for massive damage. You will want to try and take out the two mobs it spawns with so they don't interrupt your charge attacks. There's nothing more annoying than getting to a Level 3 charge and then having one of your characters knocked back. There isn't much more to it than that, so just repeat that process until you win.
  • Beat the Heliga

    This optional boss can be found on the island of Nekame. You'll first encounter it out in the wild and then again at the Nest before being able to fight it on Nekame. The battle itself is fairly easy, just shield yourself and counter-attack. It has two other mobs with it, one being a healer, so taking those out first will minimize the damage you take and the amount of damage you need to dish out to win the fight.
  • Watch helplessly as the Nest falls

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Finish repairing the Nest

    For this achievement, you'll need to obtain a number of collectibles on the game's various islands as well as a large number of rust collectibles to repair the Nest fully. You will need two wings, a gyro-stabilizer, a cylinder, a turbine, an engine hood, and the hypo-propellers. See the map linked in the Road Map for their locations. Once you have an item, return to the Nest and if you have enough rust to complete the upgrade, you can do so from the terminal just outside the Nest.
  • Choose not to sever the flow bridge

    As mentioned in the Road Map, when you reach the end of the story and need to make a decision about the flow bridge, go back to the main menu and choose "Load Game" and then make a copy of your save. This will allow you to get both endings with no issue. For this ending, choose to not sever the bridge by disagreeing with your partner and choosing all the bottom options in the conversation. The achievement will unlock when the credits roll.
  • Choose to sever the flow bridge

    As mentioned in the Road Map, when you reach the end of the story and need to make a decision about the flow bridge, go back to the main menu and choose "Load Game" and then make a copy of your save. This will allow you to get both endings with no issue. For this ending, choose to risk it all and sever the bridge by choosing all the top options in the coversation. The achievement will unlock in a cutscene shortly after.
  • Midnight skinny dip

    For this achievement, you will find a spot on the island of Chogeko that you can interact with to dive off the cliff. You will land at what the game calls the "VIP beach" and can spend some time here and find some Creamberries. If you wait long enough, you'll eventually get a prompt to Sunbathe on the beach during the day. Do that, then wait around a bit longer until night falls and interact with the Sunbathe option a second time. Since it's night now, sunbathing is pointless... but your characters have a different idea. Watch the short cutscene of them swimming to unlock the achievement.
  • Getting handsy under the waterfalls

    For this achievement, you must interact with the Nekarow waterfalls. I had to use both to get the achievement, though I don't know if that's a requirement or if it's just the one on the right that works since I used the one on the left first. Either way, using one or both does the trick.
  • Lure in Birble with creamberry fondue

    Birble is the game's fast travel system, a large flying creature that will start out corrupted and you'll have to fight it. Once you defeat it, you can lure it with food to fast travel from various islands, including just outside the Nest.

    To unlock this achievement, you must first cook Creamberry Fondue, which requires 10 Creamberries. These can be found in the southern islands of the map. Use this food item on any fast travel point and select a destination, and Birble will go rogue and bring you to a secret island with tons of resources to collect instead. Once you land in the secret spot the achievement unlocks.
  • Taste the hygrocybe rubescens

    After defeating your first salamander type enemy of the game, you will name it Oink. Upon returning to the Nest, you will find that Oink followed you home. Interact with it to pet it, and continue to do so every time you return to the Nest. You'll get a new cutscene each time, eventually collecting the hygrocybe rubescens item off its back. Now go inside the Nest and cook/eat/sleep until a cutscene occurs where your characters eat the item and experience a unique situation. There seems to be an order to the cutscenes in the game, so depending on which ones you already saw, this may not come up right away but keep trying.
  • Play a guitar ditty

    You will need to visit Chogeko's "VIP beach" to start this achievement. See Mooning the moon (10G) for its location. On this beach, there will be a rock formation you can walk up and then interact to dive into the water. Do so, then a second interact point will appear for you to dive into a secret cave. This will reward you with the Souvenir Conch. The next time you return to the Nest and perform any activity (eat/cook/sleep) a cutscene where Kay gives a guitar to Yu will play. Now that you finally have the guitar, go out and find an island with a camp and sleep there for the cutscene where Yu plays the guitar to unlock the achievement.
  • Lose a game of strip-a-bobble

    This is a random cutscene that can occur when eating/sleeping in the Nest. There does not appear to be a specific trigger for it, as with many of the other cutscenes they are just programmed to play when you interact at the Nest in a certain order. If you return here often to rest it will happen eventually.

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