- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
- Offline: 12 [200]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5 (for experienced players) - 50 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 100
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats

First, you need to play in each of the 3 modes to get the achievements. Don't get scared about the 100 playthroughs because you can do it by losing on purpose in the timed mode.  This game is all about patience, you need to think about every move you do before you do it. With this road map I’ll try to explain how to do the Black Flower, since when you get this achievement you should have done the others by this time.

Play the Game
What you have to do is a combo that makes 5 black pearls at once and then do another black pearl.
To do the 5 black pearl combo you need 16 silver pearls(the best game I did, I had 10 silver in level one, if you have around 8 you're good to go), the most important thing is that you put your silver pearls in a vertical line with at least 1 space off each other so that there are no accidents like shown in this image:

Then, when you have all 16 silver pearls(this is the real patience test, now you must think about every single move you make or you can ruin it all in just a single move) set it up like this:

And then like this:

When you have this, just turn the silver pearl shown with the red arrow on the picture and you'll get 5 black pearls.
Then the easiest part, make another 6 silver pearls and with it, another black pearl for the achievement.
I personally like to do it this way:

(Note that this technique was not created by me but by my friend "Achiever TM", I just made this road map) 

[XBA would like to thank Gilberto for this Roadmap]

Hexic HD Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • 150,000 Points in Marathon

    Get yourself starflowers and lots of them. It will be extremely easy to get over 3 starflowers in the first stage alone if you plan your moves and take time to notice the effects it will have. Continue to make combos and anytime a bomb appears take your time in discovering a way to destroy it because bombs are the only way you can lose here.

  • 1,000,000 Total Points

    If you have finished Tick-Tock Doc and Marathon Mogul chances are you are well on your way to getting a million points. Now all you have to do is continue in Marathon Mode and keep getting starflower combos and try for a Black Pearl or two for the added bonus. Patience is the key here.

  • 5000 Total Combos

    Make 5000 combos across all your games. This is easiest to do in Marathon Mode because there's no time limit and you can plan your strategy once bombs start dropping.

  • 100 Games

    You have to finish the game for it to count, you can't just start a game and quit! You can either play 100 games of Hexic legitimately (Which if you've been doing all the achievements without quitting you might be close) or you can do the Timed Mode trick. This speeds things up but in no way is fast. Enter Timed Mode and make one single rotation which will set off the timer, let the time run out and repeat. This still takes time but it is alot faster than playing 100 survival games or playing 100 Marathon games.

  • Black Pearl

    A Black Pearl is created by surrounding one piece with 6 Starflowers. This may sound extremely difficult but infact it's easy if you know what you are doing. The easiest way to get Starflowers is by getting them in the first level because the colors aren't extremely diverse and there is no threat of bombs. If you take the time to plan your moves ahead and a small portion of luck you can even get a pearl in the first level.

  • 75,000 Points in Timed

    This is one of the hardest achievements for this game if you aren't fast at seeing possible combos. Getting starflowers extends your time by 10 seconds and also fills it therefore getting many starflowers is the key here. Although if you can manage you can try and get a Black Pearl which will give you 10,000 points times the level you are on. Whenever a bomb drops try and find the solution while still making combos so as not to lose time.

  • Beat Survival

    You can get this achievement by either clearing the board or playing and finishing level 50. Clearing the board is easiest on level one because of the small variety of colours. The best and easiest way to do it is by getting two star flowers (which will destroy most of that color) and being lucky enough to have the remaining colors work well and match up. Otherwise you are stuck with beating level 50 and that will test your patience. Just clear the pieces from the center and if possible the sides and listen to some music, combos work nice and they help make it a little faster. Don't forget you can always quit and come back to the game at a later time if you start to get annoyed or bored.

  • Starflower

    A starflower gets created when you completely surround one piece with 6 of the same color. Look for an arch of three pieces on the bottom nearer to the middle for best results. Just orient and combo pieces until you can complete the ring. The last piece doesn't have to match to fit in, all you need is to rotate it into place.

  • Bonus-Star Cluster

    Make a combo of 3 bonus stars, the colors don't have to match so this shouldn't be too difficult. Again I suggest doing this in Marathon Mode to give yourself the most time to plan your moves.

  • 25 Total Combos

    A combo is when you match up 3 or more colors so they are all touching each other on at least one side. There is a high possibility you will get this in your first game.

  • Form a cluster of three black pearls.

    Same deal here as above. Get as many Starflowers as you can in the first few levels so it's still easy and make sure you don't accidently make combos of them. Get three black pearls and make a cluster of 3 of them and you are golden or black or whatever.

  • Surround one piece with six black pearls.

    Hands down this is the most difficult to achieve. You have to surround one piece with 6 Black Pearls. I can only really repeat that you should get as many Starflowers in the beginning levels as you can and be VERY careful when arranging your pearls. After all you wouldn't want to have all 6 and then accidently combine 3 or 4 of them and lose all that progress. Slow is the name of the game.

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