Hard Mode Totems Master Achievement in Hexologic

  • Hard Mode Totems Master



    Complete 90 basic and 21 special levels in hard mode

  • How to unlock Hard Mode Totems Master

    or this achievement, you need to go through the game and complete all 90 basic and all 21 special levels on Hard. To play on Hard, at the main screen before selecting any level, press and you will see two selections. The left (green) is Normal mode and the right (red) is Hard mode. Select the red hexagons and press and you will see that the icon at the top right of the screen has changed to a red face.

    Every 15 basic levels completed unlocks a group of special levels. You can do this in any combination you like; complete all 90 basic levels first then go back and complete the special ones or complete the special ones as you progress through the basic levels. Refer to the 'Introduction' in the roadmap for basic gameplay mechanics.

    Each set of 15 basic levels has a common theme and they change it up each set:

    • Levels 1 through 15 are your basic puzzles, getting increasingly more challenging as you progress. It is recommended that you work on the lower numbers first which will allow you to fill in the blanks of the higher numbers with less trouble.

    LEVEL 12

    • Levels 16 through 30 introduce grey hexagons. In this set, the dots within the grey hexagons are static and do not change, which, in theory, can make solving each sequence less difficult since one or more hexagons are already correct. The non-changing hexagons are highlighted in the image below with a black border.

    LEVEL 23

    • Levels 31 through 45 introduce bordered hexagons. Changing the contents of a hexagon with a specifically colored border changes the contents of all the hexagons with the same color border simultaneously. For example, if there are three hexagons with an orange border, changing the contents of one will change all three of them.

    LEVEL 41

    • Levels 46 through 60 combines the additions from the previous 30 levels, having both grey and bordered hexagons in each level of this set.
    • For levels 61 through 75, the symbols <, > and = are introduced, adding another dynamic to the solutions. It is recommended that you solve the sequences with numbers along the edge first so you can logically determine how many dots would go in the remaining hexagons based on the symbols provided. Refer to the image below for a visual representation.

    LEVEL 66

    • Levels 76 through 90 - This set introduces grey bordered hexagons. At the start of the puzzle, these hexagons are empty, but as you place dots in the same color hexagon as the border, they accumulate in the grey hexagon. For example, if you have three orange hexagons and place 2 dots in each, then the grey orange-bordered hexagon will have 6 dots in it.

    LEVEL 86

    You can attempt to solve all 111 puzzles on your own or you can follow the image guide in the link below to make it easier on yourself.

    Thanks to Steam user Deiru for this complete image walkthrough.

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