- Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 61 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50-100 Hours [very skill dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No [except difficulty level achievements]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements:  None
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Out of nowhere, on a random Wednesday in January 2023, Microsoft, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks launched Hi-Fi Rush, a game that couldn’t be any further from Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within if it tried.

The rhythm-based action game was not only a surprise, it was a lovely surprise, what with its endearing cast of characters, great sense of humour and buckets of style and class. Hi-Fi Rush is an incredibly fun video game, with an absolutely stellar flow when it comes to its fighting mechanics. For a game that came out of nowhere, it knocked our socks off.

More of this, please, Bethesda!

Anyway! Let’s talk achievements, specifically Hi-Fi Rush’s achievements. Let’s not beat around the bush here: Hi-Fi Rush is a hard achievement list. There’s no two ways about it. In order to max out the game you need to complete the Wall of Fame in the game, and in order to do that you have to do things like: complete every boss without being hit; get an S ranking on the Rhythm Tower and get S ranks on every stage on every difficulty. Still, you should be able to at least get everything but the What a journey it was... (30G) achievement. Who knows, maybe you’ll play it enough that you end up mastering it! Until then, lets run through how you should play it (ideally).
  • Playthrough 1 - Normal Difficulty - Just play the game and focus on enjoying the story and getting used to the combat.
  • Playthrough 2 - Easy Difficulty - Use this runthrough to get all the collectibles, and do all the SPECTRA doors. You can’t get them all on the first playthrough so this means sense.
  • Playthrough 3 - Hard Difficulty - By now you should be getting better.
  • Playthrough 4 - Very Hard Difficulty - You should at this point have everything unlocked now too, so you can start creating builds with your chip sets.
  • Playthrough 5 - Rhythm Master Difficulty - Good luck!
Because of Chapter Select though, which is unlocked after your first playthrough, you can do whatever order you actually want. Want to do level 1 on the other 4 difficulties before you do chapter 2? Sure, that’s up to you. There’s a freedom to how you approach 

In terms of collectibles, for whenever you do a collectible run, there is a lot, so be aware. There are collectibles tied to specific achievements, and collectibles tied to the Wall of Fame achievement.

Those collectibles are:
 The best advice I can give is to playthrough the game; playthrough the game with our collectibles guides, and then see what’s left - and if you’re logged into the site as well, and have your Xbox profile hooked up, you can use the “Hide completed” switch to make that even easier.

Good luck, have fun. And move with the music.

Hi-Fi Rush is an incredibly fun game, and one that will really challenge you if you go for the full 1000gs.png. While 5 playthroughs might seem like a lot, every single combat encounter is an absolute pleasure. Watching your skills grow from day 1 to day 3, watching you start to chain parries, dodges, Overkills, Jam Combos, and so on, is an absolute pleasure. Will it drive you mad at times? Absolutely. Will you have a great time playing it though? Without a doubt.
[XBA would like to thank Webb for this Roadmap]

Hi-Fi Rush Achievement Guide

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There are 71 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Finish the game completing every level on the Easy difficulty.

    See ​​​​Didn't skip a beat! (50G) 
  • Finish the game and complete every level on the Normal difficulty.

    See ​​​​Didn't skip a beat! (50G) 
  • Finish the game and complete every level on the Hard difficulty.

    See ​​​​Didn't skip a beat! (50G) 
  • Finish the game and complete every level on the Very Hard difficulty.

    See ​​​​Didn't skip a beat! (50G) 
  • Finish the game and complete every level on the Rhythm Master difficulty.

    There are 4 starting difficulty levels in Hi-Fi Rush. Once you beat the game on any of those difficulties, you’ll unlock “Rhythm Master” difficulty, accessible via Chapter Select post-game. 

    First things first, Hi-Fu Rush’s difficulty achievement do not stack. So, that does mean you’ll have to finish the game 5 times in total - yes, achievement difficulty achievements that don’t stack in 2022 are apparently still a thing. As you can imagine, the game gets harder with each difficulty, but it’s not impossible if you stick to the beat. Mastering parries is key as well. 

    There is one caveat when it comes to Rhythm Master difficulty though, and that’s if your grade drops to below a D in the middle of a fight, it basically counts as a death, so you have to go on the full-offensive here.

    The worst part about Rhythm Master is the guys who drop shields - the ones with wheels - as they’re impossible to nail down before they move away. It becomes too easy to get distracted chasing them down that you lose track of your ranking. So, as soon as they spawn, spam them with your partner abilities and take them out the equation early.

    Approaching this difficulty when you have 3 Health Tanks, a maxed out health bar and a maxed out Reverb gauge are essential if you feel like you might struggle here. You’ll also want to fully max out your chips as well, meaning you can install 5 chips. 

    Equipping a level 3 Rhythm Meter Rush chip will increase your chances of not dropping below the D rank as well. The Rhythm Meter Rush chip makes your rating meter rise quicker, which is handy for keeping that meter well above a D. As for the other 2 slots, your call. May we suggest both Parry Health and Health Kick, if you’re getting hit often, while the Invincible D-Parry chip can be a great chip to equip too.
  • Solve the problem once and for all in an epic battle.

    In order to unlock this achievement there are a few steps and hoops that you have to jump through first. This achievement relates to the game’s secret ending. The secret ending is only unlockable if you do the following (and in this order too):
    • Firstly, you’re going to want to complete the game once (any difficulty).
    • Secondly, now that you’ve unlocked Chapter Select and opened up the secrets within, you can now revisit the previously locked SPECTRA doors to complete them - and also get yourself the Problem solved... wait, what? (30G) achievement too.
    • And finally, now that you have access to the SPECTRA Hub Room (via Peppermint). Here you’re going to need to complete the new 8 SPECTRA doors, which are slightly tougher takes on the original 8.
    Once you’ve beaten the final 8 SPECTRA doors. you can walk up the ramp at the SPECTRA Hub Room, at the back of the room, and access the game’s secret ending. And get yourself an achievement.
  • Purchase and equip your first upgrade chip.

    At the end of chapter 2, speak to Peppermint before you leave and she’ll introduce you to the chip system - which is a way of giving you passive perks. The first one you get for free counts towards this achievement, you just have to exit the shop for it to unlock.
  • Increase your chip slots to the maximum capacity.

    Fairly early on in Hi-Fi Rush, Peppermint will come to Chai with a new invention: the chip board. The chip system allows Chai to equip various chips that enhance your gameplay. These can be things like giving you an invincibility window after a directional parry, getting health drops after a parry, improving Peppermint’s cooldown, and so on. In order to increase your chip slots to the maximum amount (which is 5), you’ll need to purchase 4 “Additional Chip Slots” from the Item menu in the store.

    The first one will set you back 20,000 Gears, the second one will set you back 40,000 Gears, the third one will set you back 65,000 Gears, and the last one will cost you a whopping 100,000 Gears. It sounds like a lot, but once you’ve run through the game a few times, it won’t be. Once you’ve unlocked the last one, the achievement will pop.
  • Purchase and equip your first Special Attack.

    At the end of the first chapter, when you’re in the hideout, you’ll get access to Peppermint’s shop. In it you can buy items, attacks and Special Attacks. These are your special moves (analog-left.png and analog-right.png) that you use when your Reverb Gauge has charge in it.

    You can buy a few from the off, and more as the game progresses. You can also find comic books dotted around levels, which grant you new abilities at the shop. The first one you can find is Guitar Ride, and it’s found on one of the walkways in plain sight during chapter 2. It’s incredibly hard to miss.

    So, buy a Special Attack, and equip it in the Special Attacks store menu (lt.png) to unlock this achievement, which unlocks after you exit the shop.
  • Increase your health to where you unlock a second tier.

  • Fully upgrade your health bar by collecting all Life Gauges.

    Upgrading your health in Hi-Fi Rush is essential if you want to be best prepared for the higher difficulties - Rhythm Master difficulty especially. In order to fully max out your health you’re going to need to buy a number of upgrades from Peppermint, while also finding a whopping 28 broken Life Gauge pieces in all the levels. These can not only be hidden in nooks and crannies, and inside Vandelay Chests, but they are also rewards for the game’s few side missions too.

    The below is what you need to fully max out your health in Hi-Fi Rush:
    • Buy a Life Gauge from Peppermint for 5,000 Gears
    • Buy a Life Gauge from Peppermint for 10,000 Gears
    • Buy a Life Gauge from Peppermint for 15,000 Gears
    • Buy a Life Gauge from Peppermint for 20,000 Gears
    • Buy a Life Gauge from Peppermint for 25,000 Gears
    • Buy a Life Gauge from Peppermint for 30,000 Gears
    • And finally, find the 28 broken Life Gauge pieces in the game worlds.
    As an FYI, for Whoa! There's ANOTHER health bar!? (10G), it will unlock when you’ve 4 full Life Gauges (mine popped when I had purchased 3 and found 4 broken pieces in the open-world).
  • Fully upgrade your Reverb Gauge to the maximum.

    In order to fully upgrade your Reverb Gauge to the maximum you’re going to need to spend a few Gears at the shop, but also you’re going to need to seek out 12 of the broken Reverb Gauge pieces. 

    A full breakdown of what you need, how much is costs, and where you can find them, are as follow:
    • Buy an Electric Reverb Core from Peppermint for 10,000 Gears
    • Buy an Electric Reverb Core from Peppermint for 25,000 Gears
    • Buy an Electric Reverb Core from Peppermint for 50,000 Gears
    • Collect 12 broken Reverb Gauge pieces throughout the game. For a list on how to find and where the Broken Reverb Gauge pieces are, check out our Broken Reverb Gauge locations guide.
  • Find and read half of the Vandelay Vlogs on the campus.

  • Find and read every Vandelay Vlog on the campus.

    Dotted throughout every level of Hi-Fi Rush are what’s known as Vandelay Vlogs. These are essentially documents and objects you can interact with, and read to your heart’s content. There are 77 in all, and can range from interacting with tablets, computer screens and with the museum in particular, interacting with plaques, describing what’s on show.

    The vast majority of these can be found on your first runthrough, however, not all of them. There are 2 that only can be done on your second playthrough - by using Chapter Select that unlocks after the game; and 6, that will require access to the SPECTRA Hub Room, which is unlocked once you’ve completed all 8 of the SPECTRA door challenge rooms, which are able to be opened once you’ve finished the game once.

    Check out our Vandelay Vlog Collectible Guide for a full rundown on where everything is.
  • Land 20 beat-hit attacks on enemies.

  • Land 500 beat-hit attacks on enemies.

    You’ll learn a “Beat Hit” attack very early on in the first level - after you meet 808, the cat, for the first time. A Beat Hit attack is basically a timed-hit, after a combo. You’ll see two circles on the screen when one can be performed. All you need to do is time the button press when the two circles overlap each other and you’ll perform a Beat Hit. 

    It’s basically button-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-x.png and then a slight pause (miss a beat) and then hit button-x.png again (you can actually still hit the button-x.png where there is a pause too, if you want to keep the rhythm). That counts as a Beat Hit attack. You can practise outside of combat, but for this achievement you need to land the hit on an actual enemy.

    Do that 500-times, which you’ll naturally across the multiple playthroughs, and this achievement is yours.
  • Destroy 10 barriers by calling in Peppermint.

  • Destroy 50 barriers by calling in Peppermint.

    Towards the end of chapter 2, in the Production building, you’ll come across a blue shield barrier door, at which point Peppermint will introduce you to a new ability: the ability to call her in with rt.png and blast barriers. Not only can she do this for barriers in the world, but she can also do this on enemy barriers as well.

    Call her in 50 times to destroy 50 blue barriers, and this achievement is all yours.
  • Shatter 10 enemy shields by calling in Macaron.

  • Shatter 50 enemy shields by calling in Macaron.

    At the beginning of chapter 4 you’ll have Macaron at your disposal to smash through walls - and also to use in battle. Macaron is called into battle the same way that Peppermint is - just use lt.png to change characters first though.

    To get this achievement simply call him in, in the middle of battle, to smash some shields - these are different to the barriers for Peppermint, for this achievement it means physical shields, so the ones that the 4 legged robots have, as well as the full-sized shields the green robots are holding.

    Do it 50 times and this achievement (and Z-shielding's got nothing on us! (5G)) will unlock.
  • Sucessfully parry with perfect timing 15 times.

  • Sucessfully parry with perfect timing 200 times.

    During chapter 3, when you get to Lab 44 and make your way to the first test chamber, you will learn how to parry - by pressing button-b.png just as you’re about to get hit. Simply “Perfect” parry 200 times and this achievement will unlock. You’ll unlock this one naturally, for sure, and if not, there are a few SPECTRA doors which rely solely on parrying, so that’s a good way to rack them up if you haven’t already.
  • Destroy 200 Vandelay security robots.

  • Destroy 500 Vandelay security robots.

  • Destroy 1000 Vandelay security robots.

    This one is as simple as they come: defeat 1000 robots in your time in Hi-Fi Rush. You’re probably looking at around 2 and a bit playthroughs to unlock this one, but considering you have to play it through 5 times and do many SPECTRA rooms to get all the achievements, this won’t be a problem.
  • Perform 50 Aerial Raves.

    Aerial Raves in Hi-Fi Rush are essentially aerial combos. To get an Aerial Rave to initiate (it’s a 1.5 points multiplier, too and will say under the score breakdown on the right) you need to either a.) get an enemy into the air; or b.) attack air enemies. While the latter is straightforward, the former has a few ways to do it.
    • Firstly, the easiest way is the “Rise Up” combo, which is: button-x.png blank button-x.pngbutton-x.png. This will throw an enemy into the air, leaving them open to a follow-up in the air.
    • And secondly, the Air Launch combo, which is an rb.png dodge straight into a button-y.png attack.
    Once the enemy is in the air, use the Magnet Grab (lb.png) to get up to them in the air and then use the button-x.png attacks - a standard button-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-x.png combo works perfectly here. The button-y.png attacks will slam them to the floor, so maybe don’t do that.

    Do 50 aerial combos and this achievement will unlock.
  • Successfully pull off 20 Jam Combos

    Towards the end of chapter 2, you’ll get access to Peppermint and her abilities, to help you in and out of battle. This also unlocks a number of new abilities in the shop too. 

    While on the Attacks screen in the shop, press left or right on the d-pad, and you’ll see Peppermint has some abilities. Some of these are called Jam Combos - it says so in the description if they are one. 

    Purchase one, like Switch Kicker (or Master Blaster) and you’ll be able to call her into battle on a Beat Hit. To use it, instead of using an attack button to finish off and perform a Beat Hit combo, hit rt.png instead. Do this successfully and an animation will trigger. This is a Jam Combo. Do it 20 times and this achievement will unlock.
  • Overkill 20 enemies.

    In Hi-Fi Rush it’s actually possible to Overkill an enemy - a strategy that’s very handy if you’re looking to squeeze some more points out of an enemy who is on their last legs... Something that is very handy if you’re attempting S Ranks and what not.

    To Overkill an enemy, it’s simple. Firstly, you need to have at least one bar of your Reverb Gauge filled (to do a Jam Combo). Then, you need to break an enemy’s stance and get them down to their last legs. And then finally, you need to pull off a Jam Combo (a follow-up attack where instead of using an button-x.png or a button-y.png attack when the circles come on screen, you hit rt.png instead).

    Do that 20 times and you’ll unlock this achievement. It’s worth bearing in mind that there is a SPECTRA door Overkill challenge, so you’re going to at least get some in those rooms anyway. So, if you’re not pulling off Overkills regularly, don’t worry about it, you’ll rack a few up in those rooms.
  • Perform 20 parry counters using any partner.

  • Perform 100 parry counters using any partner.

    A parry counter in Hi-Fi Rush is as it sounds: a counter that follows a parry. This isn’t, however, unlocked from the off, or as part of the story. It’s two-fold.

    Firstly, you need to unlock the parry as part of the story (which you do in chapter 3, at Lab 44). Secondly, you then need to unlock a parry counter, as they do involve a partner, which you can do at any in-game shop.

    Simply go to the shop, go to Attacks, and then hit the left or right d-pad to get to your partner’s abilities. If you go to Peppermint’s abilities, for instance, after you’ve unlocked the parry, an ability called Kick Shot will become available. That’s your parry counter move. Each of the other partners you recruit have them too.

    The parry counter is pretty simple when you’ve got it unlocked. In order to trigger a successful parry counter, you simply have to hit the rt.png the beat after you’ve made a successful parry. So, it’s basically a one-two: 1. Hit the button-b.png button; 2. On the next beat hit the rt.png. Do that 100 times and you’ll unlock this achievement.

    You’ll have to master the parry counter for a couple of the SPECTRA doors anyway, so don’t worry too much about adding it to your playstyle if it isn’t for you.
  • Complete all the floors in the Rhythm Tower.

    Once you’ve completed Hi-Fi Rush once, and gone back to the apartment, Korsica will mention something and ask you to speak to her. That something that she was hinting at is something called the “Rhythm Tower.” A 60-floor combat tower, that has you fighting against the clock as you try and make your way to the top. It’s basically Hi-Fi Rush’s Bloody Palace (from Devil May Cry). So, in order to get this achievement, just finish it. Simple… well, not simple at all, as it’s probably a good 90 minutes or so of solid fighting - although you can do it in spurts, just don't start a new one and that progress will be saved when you can exit at certain milestones.

    Building up time is key to success in the Rhythm Tower, so that means parrying is essential here. So is setting up Chai so that he suits your playstyle perfectly. If you’re all about the S rankings, equip the Rhythm Meter Rush which increases Rhythm Meter rise rate by (10-30). If you're all about the Reverb Gauge, then Parry Charge is great - this can actually help with health too, because if you equip the “Pick Me Up” Special Attack, which heals Chai, you can keep your health topped up.

    If you’re parry mad, then try the 3 other parry chips too: Parry Health, Invincible D-Parry and Damage Rebound D-Parry. The latter is perfect for killing two-birds with one stone: getting more time, and more damage dealt.

    And finally, partner cooldown chips can be helpful too, as you’re going to want to use your partners as much as you can in the Rhythm Tower, while you fight the clock.

    Once you’ve mastered the clock, that should see you through to the end. Working out what works and what doesn’t, and what combos (or Jam Combos!) take up too much time, and aren’t worth the time you get back, that’s the key to the Rhythm Tower.
  • Once you’ve completed Hi-Fi Rush, you’ll be able to speak to CNMN in the hideout and buy new costumes from him for you and your allies. In order to unlock this achievement, you simply need to buy one item and then equip it.

    You can get to the store after speaking to CNMN and choosing Costume, and then simply hit the rt.png. All you need to do is buy one item of clothing and equip that. It doesn’t have to be the full costume.

    Do that, unlock this achievement.
  • Complete the Wall of Fame in the hideout.

    Completing the Wall of Fame is by far the hardest achievement in the game, because it pretty much encompasses everything. Finishing every difficulty level, collecting every collectible, heck, you even have to beat all the bosses without being hit and S rank every stage on every difficulty level.

    While that might sound impossible, with some practice and application, you’ll be smashing through the bosses without a care in the world in no-time whatsoever. If you do get hit though, just exit, and reload the save. 

    In all, the Wall of Fame requires you to do the following:
    • 60 combat challenges
    • 14 item challenges
    • 38 stage challenges
    • 22 stage only rewards
    • 4 etc. rewards
    Good luck… gulp!

    A couple of notes before we move on.

    For the complete without taking a hit challenges, aside from the obvious being: practice, practice, pratice. Also try to use the Barrier Wall Special Attack to block damage; and the Invincibility D-Parry chip, which can give you 9 beats of invincibility at level 3 with a successful directional parry.

    And for the S Ranking ones… equip the level 3 version of the Rhythm Meter Rush chip (which makes the meter go up quicker). Throw in Combo Holder too (which gives you longer before the combo drop) and that should take the pain off every so slightly.
  • Have "The Artist" decorate your hideout.

    In order to get The Artist to show up at your hideout and give it a bit of a… makeover, all you need to do is collect all 24 of his pieces of art dotted throughout the world. You can keep track of what you’ve collected throughout Hi-Fi Rush when it comes to graffiti, if you check the pinboard that’s just by Peppermint.

    For all the locations of said graffiti, check out our Hi-Fi Rush graffiti locations guide.
  • Find and engage with every Smidge, while completing all of his practice tips.

    Throughout your time in Hi-Fu Rush you’ll come across a wonderful little helper robot who goes by the name of Smidge. He’s basically the tutorial bot. In order to unlock this achievement you’ll need to interact with Smidge 12 times throughout the game. He first shows up in chapter 1, and will make his last appearance in chapter 8.

    Here’s when and where you need to interact with him to unlock this achievement - bearing in mind that he’s very difficult to miss. Either way, his locations are as follows:

    Track 1
    • After the second fight (after the beat tutorial in front of the stage) - through the chainlink fence on the left, after going past the large statue
    • After the fight where you learn to dodge and open up the path by hitting your first button, if you climb up to the top, he’s on your right.
    • After learning the “Beat Hit” attack, round the corner and Smidge will be on your right.
    • After you learn the slam attack to hit the button and create the bridge. You’ll see him straight ahead.
    • After you speak to him above, he’ll move. Speak to him again.
    • There’s another Smidge to talk to after you jump over the gap next to the previous Smidge.
    • After the laser room and smashing through the crates on the left, you’ll see a Smidge straight ahead.
    Track 2
    • You’ll find Smidge on the second level, after the second fight (with the orange robot). Hit the button on the left and climb the platforms it drops and you’ll see him straight ahead.
    • After you unlock Peppermint and you get to use her on a robot for the first time, in the corridor straight ahead after that fight.
    Track 3
    • After you learn how to parry in Lab 44, you’ll find Smidge in the next large room ready to give you a lesson.
    Track 4
    • After refighting the boss who you fought in chapter 3, and defeating it, in the next corridor you come into, Smidge will be there.
    Track 8
    • You’ll find Smidge on the stairs to the right that go up from the museum lobby.
  • Find Vandelay HR's investigator and hear all of its monologues.

    Vandelay’s HR investigator is none other than a riff on The Evil Within protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos.

    This robot version of Sebastian will be donning his trademark brown trench coat, fresh with signature quiff, his red tie and gruff exterior. Oh, and he’s called SEB-AAA too. 

    To get this achievement you need to find Sebastian 8 times, in 8 different levels. He’ll start on the main path so you won’t miss him, but in some chapters he’s very well hidden.

    To know where to look for for all 8 times in-game, and to get this achievement, check out our Hi-Fi Rush HR Investigator locations guide.
  • Destroyed your first golden statue of Kale.

    Fairly early on in chapter 2, after using the magnet 3 times in immediate succession, you’ll see a golden Kale statue in front of you. Kale statues basically give you Gears for smashing it. So, beat the crap out of it for Gears. If you hit “Perfect” timing on your Beat Hit attack, you’ll get more Gears too. So, make sure your timing is great, so you can maximise your output. You can expect to get over 2,000 Gears if done correctly.
  • Defeated your first enemy with a Rhythm Parry Attack.

    In chapter 3, in the third test chamber, when the last enemy is about to be defeated, you’ll be introduced to Rhythm Parry Attacks. These are basically small little rhythm-based mini-games. Almost like a Simon Says, but with tempo and rhythm. When one of the more elite enemies is shrouded in a firey exterior, it's about to launch a shockwave that initiates one of these. Don't block or parry, as this is a sure fire way to take them down very quickly.

    In a Rhythm Parry Attack showdown you'll get shown a pattern that the enemy is about to attack you with, and then you need to repeat the pattern with parries using the same tempo. After that two rings will be shown, as if you were executing a Beat Hit Combo, which you need to time an attack with.

    If you're successful you’ll launch into an attack and finish the fight. If you're not, you’ll be stood there, like a lemon, while he’s dazed. Just wait for him to send out another shockwave and you’ll be able to try once again. It’s worth bearing in mind that the patterns are the same every time, but different for different enemies.

    Do it once, get this achievement.
  • Finish a stage with a S rank for every Chorus. (Any difficulty.)

    While this achievement sounds straightforward in terms of what you have to do, getting it is not straightforward though. As the description says you need to get an S rank in every Chorus (AKA fight) for a stage (a Track), and yes, you can do this on easy too… but that still doesn’t make it easy, per se.

    First things first, let's talk about the easiest chapters. There are 4 in my opinion that this is the easiest to attempt this on.
    • Stage 3, as it’s boss free.
    • Stage 6, as again, it’s boss free.
    • Stage 9, as it’s just one boss fight.
    • The same goes for Stage 12, and although he is the final boss, it’s still only one stage.
    To be fair though, whichever chapter you’re comfortable with works here. Chapters 1 and 2 are easily viable options as well.

    Now, let’s talk how to get an S rank, which is made up of three parts.
    • Score - This is the hardest one to probably get an S rank on early on. In order to get a high score, you should do the following:
      • Combos - Keeping the combo going is vitally essential, as you’ll get points bonuses for every milestone of combos. Also, getting hit and dropping your combo gives you a 0.8 multiplier, thus meaning you get less points while the meter is still running. If you can learn Dodge Counters as well, they reward big points and also keep your combo alive. To give you a rough indication as to how important the combos are, take a look at the points below. The jump from 40 to 50 is immense. If you score over a 50 hit combo in a fight, chances are you’re getting an S rank for Score.
        • A 10 hit combo is worth 420
        • A 20 hit combo is worth 640
        • A 30 hit combo is worth 960
        • A 40 hit combo is worth 1,280
        • A 50 hit combo is worth 2,240
      • Variety - This is perhaps the most important one, because if you use the same move over and over, the game will penalise you for that. If you do it twice in a row, you’re getting a 0.8 multiplier penalty. If you bounce from a few combo sets to another though, you’ll be okay. 
      • Multipliers - There are two really helpful multipliers that you should be looking out for: the Magnet Link, where you use the magnet and then go straight into a combo (that gives you a 1.2 multiplier); and more importantly, the Aerial Rave (which gives you a 1.5 multiplier). Learning how to get someone into the air (button-x.png break button-x.pngbutton-x.png is great, as is the rb.png and then button-y.png) can take you from an A rank to an S rank.
      • Partners - Calling in your partners, and mixing them up, will give you bonus points. This should be in your arsenal to use every 5 seconds or so. Spamming all three after one another is also great, as you’ll get a mix up bonus too. Speaking of partners and multipliers, if you perform a Jam Combo (button-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-x.png break and then rt.png), you’ll get a whopping 2x multiplier (you'll need Reverb for this though). So, don’t sleep on your partners if you want an S rank. If you can combine that with an Overkill on an enemy too, you’re looking at points galore.
    • Just Timing - This is all about movement. Everything you do in a fight should be on the beat. If you dodge, do it to the music. If you jump, do it to the music. If you attack, do it to the beat. While the Score category can be manipulated somewhat, this one is all about playing to the rhythm. Don’t forget to use the world, the UI and its pulsing, as well as the Rhythm Assist (the view button) to help you find the rhythm and stick to it.
    • Clear Time - The quicker you beat the stage, the higher the score and the bonus. The trick to this one is just be relentless and multi-task. That's it.
    Generally, getting 2 S ranks and an A rank at the end of a Chorus will give you an S rank overall. That’s what I found anyway.

    And finally, in terms of what chips you use:
    • Rhythm Meter Rush is especially good if you’re not used to holding down a combo. If you are, then this might be redundant.
    • Combo Holder is good as well, and gives you a bit longer to keep that combo alive.
    • Parry Charge is great if you want to build your Reverb Gauge, which you can then use on Special Attacks and Jam Combos.
  • Finish a stage without taking any damage. (Any difficulty.)

    While I hit things with a guitar really well. (30G) is all about style and substance, this one is all about safety. It doesn’t matter if you get D ranks here, you just need to not get hit.

    Similar to the S rank achievement, the same stages apply here:
    • Stage 3
    • Stage 6
    • Stage 9
    • Stage 12
    I’d say because of how telegraphed the boss attacks are in 1 as well, chapter 1 is also an option.

    Now, for this achievement, parrying and dodging are incredibly important. So, if you have the following chips get them installed:
    • Invincible D-Parry - A fully upgraded chip here grants you 9 beats of invincibility for a Just Timed Directional Parry. Which can be very helpful!
    • Damage Rebound D-Parry - This will force the damage you would have received back on the enemy.
    If things get mental, and you can find the rhythm, just get somewhere safe and tap the parry along with the beat, until a window opens up for you to attack.

    On top of that you’re going to want to use your partners a lot too, and if you have Macaron’s Barrier Wall Special Ability, that will protect you from 3 hits should you activate it, even better. Just take your time, don’t get stuck in the middle of a group, and watch out for attacks off-screen and you should be able to do this.

    If you get hit, quit out and reload your save, meaning you won’t have to repeat all the previous stages that you did flawlessly.

    Also, it states taking damage in a stage… so don’t mess up the platforming either!
  • Play with 808 in the hideout.

    To get this achievement, after the first level, once you’re in the hideout, head on over to the couch/808 and interact with them. Then, when the menu pops up, click on “Play with 808.” The achievement will unlock straight away when you do.
  • Change the background music in the hideout.

    When you’ve finished your first playthrough of Hi-Fi Rush and have headed back to the hideout, you’ll notice a few new additions. One of those is a jukebox, which you can play tracks you like from the campaign.

    Each track, however, costs Vandelay Bonus Tickets, so you’re going to want to get your hands on some of them. The easiest way to get a bunch, 8 to be precise, is to buy a piece of clothing from CNMN. This will complete the Wall of Fame challenge, “Change your look with a costume!” and give you 8 Bonus Tickets.

    Once you’ve collected those rewards, head to the jukebox, buy a song, and then play it. Achievement unlocked.
  • Destroy QA-1MIL's face, revealing its shame.

    First things first, despite the achievement talking about destroying the Track 1’s boss’s face, your attacks for this achievement should be nowhere near his face. Weirdly.

    When you face off against QA-1MIL, your focus should actually be on its fists. The objective here, to get this achievement, is to attack each fist enough that he then proceeds to punch himself in the face. That’s pretty much it. 
    All you need to do to unlock this achievement is to do the above with both fists. Doing so will remove his face protector, revealing a “Weak Spot” sticker. Brilliant.
  • Complete the ride through production on the transit rail without taking damage.

    Towards the end of chapter 2, you’ll find yourself in a room with a magnet grapple point ahead of you. That point hooks you onto a transit rail for a small section that takes you through the production area. You basically need to get through the entire next section without hitting any scenary.

    It’s not too hard, but if you do mess it up, just hit pause, go to “Return to title” and then go to “Continue.” The checkpoint is just before the rail, so don’t worry.

    In terms of actual movements, you’ll need to go:

    1RSRight.gif - 1RSLeft.gif - button-a.png - 1RSRight.gif - 1RSLeft.gif - 1RSRight.gif - 1RSLeft.gif - 1RSRight.gif - button-a.png - 1RSRight.gif - 1RSLeft.gif - 1RSLeft.gif - 1RSLeft.gif - 1RSRight.gif - 1RSRight.gif - button-a.png - button-a.png

    Do that, get your timing right, and this achievement will unlock as Chai goes through the steam at the end.
  • Successfully parry a volcanic rock outside of research and development.

    In chapter 3 you’ll have learned the parry. In chapter 4, in the third AR room, you’ll be in a large area surrounded by lava, and Zanzo will at some point summon a volcano, which spits volcanic rock everywhere.

    Stand underneath one and just as it’s about to hit you (the red circle gets bigger in the green circle) hit the B button to parry it. Do that, get this achievement. Nice and easy.
  • Help out 3 Vandelay robots with their pressing issues.

    Throughout Hi-Fi Rush’s campaign you’ll come across a few robots that really need someone’s assistance. That someone is you! These 3 sub-missions are dotted throughout the game, and in order to unlock this achievement, you need to help all 3 of them. 2 of the sub-missions will take seconds, whilst the third one takes a little more effort, but still, it's a nice and straightforward achievement overall. Plus, you get to feel good about helping others.

    The 3 sub-missions and their locations are:
    • Chapter 2 - Towards the end of the level, after crossing a massive open-top area, you’ll come to a SC-RUB robot who’s moaning about pigeons. Help him by shooting the 3 sets of pigeons and this quest will be complete (and you’ll also get a Life Gauge piece too).
    • Chapter 5 - After speaking to TEC-78 in chapter 5, try speaking to him again. This will start a sub-mission where you need to find his 10 missing drones. Check out our Track 5 drones location guide if you need some more assistance. Do this and you’ll get another Life Gauge piece as well.
    • Chapter 8 - In the opening area of this chapter you’ll find a SC-RUB who’s looking for a golden can (he's on the more elevated area, further towards the exit). Speaking to him will start the mission. If you head down to the statue at the beginning of the level and hit the trash can next to it, you’ll find said golden can, and get yet another Life Gauge piece for your troubles.
    Finish all 3 quests and this one will unlock.
  • Find and shoot down every hovering announcement drone.

    Throughout your time with Hi-Fi Rush you’ll hear various announcements that come across the tannoys as you make your way through various levels. Some of these are actually coming from hovering announcement drones - they’re usually blue and the drone is gripping onto a large LCD screen. When you see one of these, just shoot them down using Peppermint’s gun ability - you’ll know when you can shoot one down because the crosshair will change from the normal crosshair when there is no target, to a yellow dot. 

    Below are some examples on where to find them - just bear in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list, it only contains a sample. Just keep your eye open as you play, and you’ll get them all in no time whatsoever.

    Track 1
    • Just after the conveyor belt room, in the next open factory area.
    Track 2
    • After using the grapple for the first time, in the next open room, you’ll see one in the distance as you enter the area. When you’re close enough, take it down.
    • Just after another fight (before the first conveyor belt line), as you come out into another large open area, the announcement drone will be directly ahead of you as you come out.
    • Near the end of the level, when Chai focuses on your final destination - and near the pigeon robot sub-mission carrier.
    Track 3
    • As you spawn in, you’ll see it floating ahead.
    • When the volcano starts spitting lava at you, after you drop down into an area, you’ll hear the announcer pop up.
    Track 4
    • After climbing the tower and using the rail transit system, it’s directly ahead of you. Knock it out of the sky.
    Track 7
    • After the first 2D phase.
    • After the first laser stage phase (after a jump chamber).
    Track 8
    • After going through the fire-door, and dropping down, straight ahead as you make your way through the tunnel.
    • When you get into the roof of the museum, it’ll be ahead of you while you jump from platform to platform.
    Track 10
    • As soon as you get into the atrium.
    • After passing through the office block with the Kale Statue and climbing onto the office roof, you’ll see it there.
  • Perfectly time your take down of your largest foe yet in a musical finale.

    The “largest foe” yet here refers to the final boss of the 11th Track. While this is a boss, it’s most certainly not a boss fight though. The end of this chapter will culminate into one of the game’s musical finales. Get every button press correct and you’ll get this achievement.
  • Perfectly parry every non-boss enemy's Rhythm Parry attack.

    Throughout the Hi-Fi Rush campaign you’ll come across what are effectively elite enemies (“non-boss enemies” as the achievement would refer to them as). There are 7 in all, and they constantly crop up throughout the campaign.
    What you need to do for this achievement is whittle their Stun Gauge to nothing and then cause enough damage so that they turn into a fiery rage. At this point they'll send out a shockwave that will trigger a Rhythm Parry attack scene.

    First things first, don’t jump or dodge this, we want to initiate this scene - it doesn’t take any health off you, so don’t worry. Secondly, you need to get “Perfect” on every parry for them to count towards the achievement.

    If you don’t get all perfects, just don’t attack them after to finish them off, and when they're up, they'll send out another shockwave. You can do this multiple times with some. If not, and the fight is about to end, then reload the checkpoint by exiting and reloading your game.

    The seven enemies you need to do this with are:
    • BRUT-1L - Yellow robot with long spiny arms (Spinning Slash) (Chapter 7)
    • VU-T0R1 - Yellow hawk-like robot (Chapter 10)
    • VU-REV - Red-flamey hawk-like robot (Burning Revenge) 
    • WA-ES-2 - Yellow samurai robot (Poetic Blade) (Chapter 5)
    • BL-1Z5 - Red fire robot (Fists of Fury) (Chapter 8 & 11)
    • KEM-0N0 - Red wolf-like robot (Plasma Roar) (Chapter 11)
    • ARM-D11 - Green-armadillo like robot (Rev Launcher) (Chapter 10)
  • Successfully pull off every combo and attack in the Training Room.

    Before you even attempt this achievement, you’re going to want to unlock all the attacks - and have access to all the partners - and moves. Once you do have all that though, simply speak to Peppermint and select Training Room.

    For the most part these are easy enough to perform on the bog-standard SBR-001, however, you’re going to want use a flying enemy for the trickiest of the lot (just because you need to be attacked while you’re in the air), the Air Parry.

    But quite simply you want to bring up the menu with the view button, then individually select a combo, and then  back out the menu, perform the combo, and then rinse and repeat. The good news is, that when you successfully pull off the move, the game will mark it as done. Do this with every combo in the list and you’ll unlock this achievement.

Secret achievements

  • Take out the last line of defense at Quality Assurance.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    You’ll get this achievement for beating “Track 1” of Hi-Fi Rush - track being how they label chapters. Stage 1 has 8 Choruses - which are fight scenes - and concludes when you beat the boss, QA-1MIL, in the 8th fight of the chapter.
  • Come out on top with a battle against the head of Production.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    You’ll get this achievement for beating chapter 2. Chapter 2 involves you heading through Production to take on Rekka and grab some information from the inside. It’s 10 fights long, and concludes when you beat Rekka, the 10th fight.
  • Drain development's budget, removing creative control.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    For this achievement you must complete both chapter 3 and 4. In terms of fights, each Track is 6 fights, each. Once you’ve escaped the onslaught at the end of Track 4, and rode the transit rail to safety and avoided the lasers, one cutscene will play and chapter 4 will come to a close.
  • Remove the head of Security from the equation.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    In order to get this achievement, you’re going to have to take Korsica out of the equation. To do that you need to complete chapter 5 (6 fights), 6 (3 fights) and 7 (which has 10 fights). Once you’ve faced-off with Korsica and escaped on the tram, this achievement will unlock.
  • Be the showstopper for the head of Marketing.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    To unlock this achievement you’ll need to complete both chapters 8 and 9. While 8 is a relatively lengthy affair, chapter 9 is pretty much just a boss fight.
  • Settle the bill with the head of Finance.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    This one is a straight-up one shot with Roquefort in chapter 10. Make your way through the large Vandelay skyscraper and then duke it out, one-on-one. Win the fight, win the achievement. There are 10 fights in total in this chapter.
  • Take it up with the CEO, and come out on top.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Finish chapters 11 and 12 and this will unlock. Both chapters are relatively short, with no collectibles. No distractions. Just set-pieces and big showdowns. It’s as simple as that. And once you’ve done that, you’ve finished the game. Congrats!
  • Discover the deeper mystery behind the SPECTRA doors on campus.

    Discover the deeper mystery behind the SPECTRA doors on campus.

    To unlock this achievement, you’ll first need to finish the campaign at least once. This will open up the 8 SPECTRA doors that were previously locked, allowing you to enter them. Each one is a challenge room, with a specific challenge designed to test your abilities and patience. These challenges will be like a the floor is lava challenge, or a don’t get hit challenge, or a keep your timing percentage about an 85% challenge.

    Check out our SPECTRA door locations guide to find out where each and every SPECTRA door is.
  • Put out 10 fires in battle with Korsica. (Enemies included.)

  • Put out 50 fires in battle with Korsica. (Enemies included.)

    In chapter 7 you’ll face off with Korsica and eventually end up recruiting her. Once you do, you’ll get access to her wind ability - which can do a few things, but importantly, it can put out fires.

    Firstly, that means you can open up those fire-protected doors now and fire up the fan-generators, but also, it means you can put out fires in battle.

    As the achievement says, this needs to be done “in battle”, so just put out 50 fires and this (and the “10 fires”) achievement is all yours. There’s plenty of opportunity to do this on the museum level, and via Chapter Select (and multiple playthroughs), so don’t feel pressured to finish this on your first playthrough.
  • Purchase every combo and partner attack.

    All you need to do to unlock this achievement is to purchase all the regular combo attacks and partner attacks. This does not include Special Attacks. Chai himself has 15 combos, which will unlock at the store throughout the story, while each of your 3 partners will have 4 attacks too. Purchase all 27 attacks and this achievement is yours. Incredibly straightforward, this one.

DLC: Arcade Challenge! Update!

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points


Secret achievements

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Hi-Fi Rush Achievement GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated achievement difficulty for Hi-Fi Rush?
    The estimated achievement difficulty for Hi-Fi Rush is 10/10.
  • How many offline achievements are there in Hi-Fi Rush?
    There are 61 offline achievements in Hi-Fi Rush.
  • How many online achievements are there in Hi-Fi Rush?
    There are 0 online achievements in Hi-Fi Rush.
  • How long does it take to get 100% in Hi-Fi Rush?
    The estimated time to get 100% in Hi-Fi Rush is 50-100 hours [very skill dependent].
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get 100% in Hi-Fi Rush?
  • How many missable achievements are there in Hi-Fi Rush?
    There are no missable achievements in Hi-Fi Rush.
  • Does difficulty affect achievements in Hi-Fi Rush?
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched achievements in Hi-Fi Rush?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched achievements in Hi-Fi Rush.

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