Seizing the Opportunity Achievement in Hitman III

  • Seizing the Opportunity



    Complete any Mission Story in The Final Test.

  • How to unlock Seizing the Opportunity

    During The Final Test, simple select to track any one of the available Mission Stories. Follow it through to completion, and this achievement will unlock immediately in the middle of the mission.

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  • From the main menu simply navigate to the "Campaigns" section then go into the "Training Prologue" scroll across to "The final test" Select and play.

    You want to make sure that you follow the instructions given to you by Diana. from the start of the mission run to the left and position yourself as close to the two engineers as you can.

    Listen to the Engineers and a Mission story will be revealed, open up the Intel that you have heard and listen to Diana's instructions. After you have done this climb the fence in front of you take a left into some near by bushes. Inside the bushes you will find some coins.

    Throw the coins into the bushes and attract the guard over to you once he steps into cover subdue him and take his clothes, Once you have taken his clothes run to the right of the building and climb through the toilet window, Exit the toilet on your left. The next thing you need to do is go through the door on your right run straight through the gap into the next room and turn right into the hanger.

    Run over to the plane grabbing the safety protocol, You will now be instructed to get a Mechanic Disguise, Turn back around and go into the room you just came out inside you will find a mechanic subdue him taking his clothes before finally putting his body in the box in the same room.

    Now you have your clothes turn around and on the box to your right you will see a wrench pick this up and go over to the plane. On the far side of the plane you will have the option to enable the ejection seat.

    Once this is completed run up the stairs behind you follow the catwalk around and then once you walk back inside take a right. go into the door marked as "COMANDATE" and talk to Jasper Knight.

    Jasper will now follow you lead him back downstairs to the plane and go over towards the safety protocol you were at previously. You will need to wait until the option to "Initiate safety procedures" appears and then by pressing Y you will talk Jasper through what to do.

    Eventually Jasper will eject from the plane through the roof. Now all you need to do is make your way over to the start point of the mission head over to the car and exit. Once you have completed the mission the achievements should all pop up.

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