Shortcut Killer Achievement in Hitman III

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    Find and unlock 15 Shortcuts.

    How to unlock Shortcut Killer

    There are a total of 17 Shortcuts in the entire game, across all six missions. While you don't need all of them for this achievement, it's in your best interest to unlock them all, as they stay unlocked for all subsequent playthroughs of a mission, making things easier. Each Shortcut also corresponds to a challenge for that mission, so unlocking them is easy XP towards maximum mastery. The ladders all require a crowbar to be able to unlock them, but the doors can all be unlocked without any special tools. You should therefore ensure you pick up a crowbar in each mission when you see one. What I would do for these shortcuts is, after killing the targets silently, since that was my preference, I would make my way to an exit point and create a manual save at the end of the mission, with a crowbar in inventory. I'd then run around the map to each shortcut and unlock them all in the mission, not worrying if I get detected or enter combat, just so long as each gets unlocked. When done, I'd reload my save at the end of the mission then.

    Here is a list of each mission's shortcuts. From the pause menu, tab over to your map to see all of the levels of the mission and all discovered locations labeled. I will refer to the map levels and locations that correspond to your map.

    1. Ventilation Area Ladder - Level 4 of the map, in the southeast corner, is the "Ventilation Area." Once inside, the ladder is over by the wall of windows
    2. Penthouse Terrace Ladder - also on Level 4 of the map, but in the northwest corner. Go out the door onto the terrace where the golfing equipment is, and the ladder is to the right of the golfing equipment
    3. Atrium Lobby Door - to get to the backside of this door to open it, you'll need to head to Level 0 and go to the northeast corner of the map, and head south through the door through some rooms and a hallway, eventually arriving at the southeasternmost stairset on level 0 of your map. Take these stairs down to Level -1 and follow the linear path to the locked door at the end
    4. Helipad Ladder - on the eastern end of Level 3 is a door that exits out to the helipad. As soon as your walk through this door, look left to find this ladder
    1. Balcony Ladder - on the balcony of Zachary's room, the bedroom where the investigation starts
    2. Maintenance Ladder - this one is tough to find. First you'll need to get into Alexa's office, which is on Level 3. If you complete the murder investigation, the bulter will take you to Alexa's office to tell her your findings. In her office, there is a staircase that loops up around the inside of the room. Go up it, and as you get near closer to the top, you'll be able to jump up onto a ledge above the stairs and shimmy back in the direction you came, over to a  window. Climb through the window onto a ledge where you'll find the ladder
    1. Entrance Backdoor - right after entering the club where all the guests are, make a right at the end of the hallway past the little barrier to find a locked door you can open
    2. Skylight Ladder - you'll first need to climb up onto the roof of the eastern building. On Level 2 of the map, you'll find an open skylight on the roof you can jump down into. Climb down onto the platform and look around this little area to find the ladder
    3. Biker Basement Door - in the southwestern corner of the biker hangout are stairs you can take all the way down to Level 0 on your map. Do so, and then head east to find the locked door
    1. Facility Elevator Shaft - inside the ICA Facility on Level -1, look on the map to see a little room in the northeast corner, just northeast of the "Tier 1 Security" room on your map. Follow the linear path through the elevator shaft to get to a door you can open
    2. Inner Courtyard Door - on Level 1 on your map, head to the "Inner Courtyard" labeled on your map and exit out the west entrance of it to find a door to unlock
    3. The Block Ladder - in the northeast building, called The Block (marked as "Derelict Apartments" on your map), head to Level 2. The "Recruitment Center" is in the middle of the floor, and the two western doors of this room lead out onto a balcony. In the southeastern corner of this balcony is the ladder
    1. Cellar Door - in the "Villa Basement" (Level 3 on your map), head to the staircase in the northeast corner to find a door to unlock
    2. Maintenance Door - also in the "Villa Basement," leave out the south exit that leads toward the southern section of the map, and you'll come across this locked door to open
    3. Backdoor - from the villa, you need to head to the "Villa Backyard" in the north, and then head east and follow the curved path around to the south, and it'll eventually lead you to a locked door
    Carpathian Mountains
    1. Passenger Car Door - immediately after the train car with the workbench where you can craft the silenced pistol, the next train car has the locked door on the left side. Head past this room into the next train car with the enemies in it. Stay on the left wall and exit through the first window you can. Shimmy back the way you came until you reach the ice and can't proceed. Climb up on top of the train, go back a bit more, then drop back down on the same side and climb into the window where you can finally unlock this locked door
    2. Container Door - shortly after the previous shortcut you'll climb over top of a container and drop down onto a flatbed car on the other side. If you look back at the container you were just on, you'll see there is a spot to place a valve. Continue along the train bed you're on and you'll find a valve in the next train car that you can take back to the container door to open it

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