Rise Up Achievement in Hitman III

  • Rise Up



    Complete all Mission Stories in On Top Of The World.

    How to unlock Rise Up

    There are a total of three Mission Stories that need to be completed to unlock this achievement. They are viewable from the pause screen on the Mission Story tab. There, you can track them and easily follow them through to completion. Since the game walks you through completing them, I won't detail their steps here. Instead, I will provide a bit of guidance as to what challenges are easily completed during each Mission Story, so you can make more efficient use of your saves during each, and make good progress towards maximum mastery level.

    How The Mighty Fall
    Before attempting this mission story, I recommend loading out with a silenced sniper rifle with bullet penetration in a briefcase in your inventory. Follow the objectives the Mission Story gives you, and you should have no problem staying undetected with no kills or bodies found until the end of the Mission Story. One important thing to note is when you get to the server room where you're told to do the manual override. Before following the objective to pull a slot out, which triggers the silent alarm, head out of the room and down the hall, past the woman on the phone at the railing, to another maintenance worker guy around the corner. Knock him out and hide his body in the cabinet behind him, then pick up his keycard. Return to the server room and swipe that keycard, allowing you to do the manual override without triggering the alarm. Follow the steps, and when you're told to look for what's different in the room with the four servers, look for the one whose screen has orange text instead of the same green text as the others. Pull this one, and if you did it without triggering the silent alarm you'll unlock Chip and Dip. At the end, when you have both targets in the lounge, you should be there in your guard disguise with the sniper briefcase in hand. Make a manual save. First, let the story play out with the dialogue on the TV screen, and you're going to shoot down the chandelier above the two targets when they're both under it. Killing both with the chandelier will unlock Impactful Art. Now reload your save. This time, when both targets are watching the TV screen right when it starts, pull out your sniper rifle and move to the side such that both targets are lined up. Kill them both with a single shot to unlock Conserving Ammunition. Now you can hide both bodies in the nearby box, then open the room up and leave. If you were silent the whole time, you should unlock Silent Assassin and Sniper Assassin.

    Bird of Prey
    Load out with lethal poison vial/pills and emetic poison vial/pills to give yourself access to another kill. There are a lot of kill options and challenges along this path, so prepare to use strategic saves. Follow the objectives here. In terms of getting The Vulture to a secluded place, he'll go to smoke and chase off one of the women. Once he does and then walks towards the railing, you can go into the little booth nearby and turn on the sound system so he comes to investigate, then knock him out there and hide his body in the bush in that booth. When you go up to the meeting room to meet with Ingram, make a save. You can take an entire detour here to complete Mile High Drop and Flying Monkey Business. Refer to the third section of Treacherous Architecture (15G) for a detailed explanation of how to complete those challenges, a couple others along the way, and two achievements. Reload that save and take another detour with your lethal poison to go into the kitchen in the right side of Ingram's penthouse, lure the chef into the room behind the kitchen by activating a machine in there, disguise yourself as the chef, poison the food, then summon Ingram to eat it, unlocking Pick Your Poison and Tasteless, Traceless. Now repeat the same but with emetic poison, then follow him to the bathroom and drown him to unlock Hold My Hair. Lastly, finally follow the Mission Story to the end. In terms of getting the journalist alone to knock him out and take a picture, I took him to the exact same spot I knocked out The Vulture, and repeated the same process. Before you head back up to Ingram, make sure you have a screwdriver, easily found in the staff areas on the bottom couple floors. Make a manual save before you go back up to Ingram. Head up to him and follow him into his office to end the Mission Story. He'll walk over to his oil-rig model on his desk. Go behind him and use the prompt to kill him on it, unlocking Black Gold Eye. Now reload your save and go back to Ingram, but instead of following him into his office, head through and out onto the balcony, and quickly use the screwdriver on the end railing to loosen it. Now press button-y.png to "lean" against the railing next to the loose one. Ingram will come out and lean on the loose railing, falling and unlocking Steep Task and Someone Could Hurt Themselves. This is also a silent assassination.

    Before even starting this Mission Story, there is some prep work you should do to be able to unlock Icarus. This is a long challenge to complete, and it requires you to complete this mission story anyway, so best to get it done now. Once you get the security guard disguise, before going to the Security Room to summon Marcus, refer to the Icarus challenge description in Stair Master (30G) below to do all the prep work for that kill challenge. With that done, proceed through this Mission Story, following the very simple objectives. When you get to the part with the knife throwing challenge, make a save. After completing it successfully, you'll be alone with Marcus and he'll walk to the edge of the roof, allowing you to push him off to unlock Vertical Approach. This is also a silent assassination. Now reload your save and this time don't kill Marcus. Instead, follow him around until he heads to the art gallery, at which point you should leave him and head to the control panel for the Sun display (to get there, while looking at the Sun, go through the door to the right of it, and make a left out the door around the corner, and then another left around the corner, and enter the door on your immediate left. When Marcus walks up to the Sun, you should see the meter fill up if you set it up properly, at which point you can activate it to kill him and unlock Icarus.

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  • [b]1. (In) Security[/b]

    As soon as the mission starts stand up by pressing B turn around open and go through the double doors. Take a left and go into the kitchen then enter the changing room via the side door run around the lockers on the right side you will then see some "Transfer papers on a bench pick these up.

    The next thing you need to do is leave the changing rooms and kitchen using the same way you entered. As you leave the kitchen you need to walk into the open door you can see on your right hand side. Once inside the room stand out of sight next to the big boxes in the center of the room, pull out your camera and use it on the window in front of you. Wait for the Event staff member to leave the room then Subdue the Event security member and take his clothes.

    now you have his clothes leave the room the way you came in go up the stairs and into the security room the same as the Ballistic kill. Once inside go to the Security member sat down on the computer and interact with him, once you have interacted with him he will call up Marcus Stuyvesant and tell him to come to the security room.

    Once Marcus has entered the room go talk with him and then follow him, he will set you a challenge of throwing knifes at 4 targets. Once you have completed the task you will need to wait for him to dismiss the other guard once Marcus has done this the story mission will complete.

    [b]2. Bird of Prey[/b]

    When the mission starts make your way up the stairs and run to the right. go up the next two steps flights of stairs and walk towards the man arguing you need to trigger the escalation of the argument by getting close to them. Now turn to your left and walk towards the park. Inside the park go to the right hand side you will see a sound system on the wall. Wait for the man to come to the park after the argument and sit on a bench once he does this turn on the sound system and run around the corner.

    Wait for the man to go turn the system off and run behind him and subdue him, take his clothes DROPPING any illegal items you have on you. go back over to the stair case with the two guards and allow them to frisk you. Once frisked go up the stairs and talk to the assistant.

    Once you have talked follow her up the stairs and see will point you into the meeting room, go inside and sit down to your left. Eventually Marcus will come into the room. During the meeting he will put a picture on the desk pick it up and wait for the meeting to conclude.

    Once the meeting has finished he will ask you to see yourself out. Walk down the stairs back and take a left back towards the main room. you around the main room and you will see a reported with a purple jacket, Find him talk to him he will then follow you. Take him into the toilet on that floor (right of the lobby stairs and then right again).

    Take him into a stall and subdue him you DONT need to kill him. take a photo of the body before returning back up the stairs to the meeting room. at the right hand side of the meeting room you will see the assistant at the desk go talk to her and show her the photograph. See will ask you to follow her again.

    she will eventually take you to the penthouse bedroom where Carl will be waiting for you. He will then ask the guards to left you all alone before walking over to a desk. The mission will now be completed. You now have the opportunity to kill him with the oil rig another challenge if you haven't already completed it

    [b]3. How the mighty have fallen.[/b]

    Once the mission has started you will need to run straight up the stairs and head left. Run straight towards the two golden camels and on the right hand side you will see a information stand, Head up to it and interact. Once you have interacted go down to the floor plan and select it.

    Once selected back out of the stand and turn around running into the bar. In the left corner you will see a flight off stairs head up it and at the top of the stairs turn left. At the top of the stairs are two guards you want to wait till the guards separate follow the guard that walks off to the left and then subdue him taking his clothes.

    Turn around and on the right of the stairs is a double door run and go through those doors. Once through turn left and take the hallway down going through the next set of double doors. Turn a slight right and then follow the hall way down behind the art gallery. Following it round you will see a sliding automatic double door go through that and turn left.

    After you have turned left you will see a ladder go and climb that ladder. once climbed you will see two guards on your right hand side wait for them to separate and subdue the one closer to you drag his body to the other side of the platform and then take his clothes.

    Jump onto the helicopter platform and walk around the other guard back into the building. Walk straight on and then right when you get to the security room. Follow this go immediately left. Run down the hallway and at the end turn right go through the door labelled "Maintenance Corridor" Go through the door and to the other end of the hallway.

    Locate and subdue the male Maintenance he will drop a keycard pick this up walk back to the female worker to the right of her is a door leading into the sever room enter it.

    Once inside a panel will raise from the floor you need to swipe it. The next step is IMPORTANT look at the 4 screens surrounding the server room and one of them will be different you will need to walk up to screen which is different and sabotage the Server rack. this will unlock the laptop in the middle of the room.

    Go up to the laptop and disable the cameras as well the option to Re-arrange the meetings. Once you have done this leave the server room and head back to the helicopter pad.

    Before you go through the automatic door take a right up the stairs to the penthouse at the top of the stairs go towards the hallway and wait in an area not in the slight of any white dots that will blow your cover.

    After a few mins Marcus and Carl will be in the main room together, Carl will at one point tell the guards all to leave the area this is the moment to strike carefully sneak and hide behind the first counter you will see a cover with a hazard symbol on it wait here and eventually it will unlock.

    Once it unlocks press the button and the room will go into lockdown and the TV will pop up wait for the speech to finish. Eventually you will hear the line "47 finish it" it doesn't matter how you do this but kill both targets.

    This should pop the achievement now granted you have completed the other two missions. If not simple unlock the room the same way you locked it and quickly make your escape it will then pop.


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