Bird Art Achievement in Hitman III

  • Bird Art



    Photograph the Yellow Bird.

    How to unlock Bird Art

    There are a total of 7 yellow bird graffitis that you need to take a picture of with your camera to unlock this achievement and complete an associated challenge. Rather than try to describe their locations in text, which would be very difficult to follow, please refer to the following video guide courtesy of MrFreeze2244.

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    All you need to do is find a disguise to make it behind the club. With this disguise, use your camera and follow the path I take to photograph all the yellow birds, there are 7 in total. Your achievement or trophy will pop when you complete the level, pause and quit, reload a save, or die.
  • From the start of the video immediately get frisked by the guard walk through the hallway into the staff only area and up the stairs. As you climb the straights and go through the door take a right, and then climb up the wall DON'T go up the ladder run to the left of the wall continue straight and then climb the ladder on your right.

    Sneak up to the guard and subdue him drag him into a hiding spot and then take his clothes, This will allow us to walk around ALMOST freely. Walk towards the two guards patrolling don't make eye contact just keep running forward. take a left up the stairs and stop once you come inside a small box building. To the right you will see 3 Yellow birds so take a picture of them and immediately turn around you will see a lone bird.

    Go back down the stairs you came down the 3rd bird is located under the staircase. go back down and you need to turn left, Once you do this you will see a ladder go down the ladder. you will see 4 Yellow birds on top of each other on the wall try to get all the birds in the photo otherwise it may not register.

    The remaining birds are on the ground floor luckily from your position you can jump all the way down to the floor. Once you have done this run past the two guards. and turn around the fifth bird is hiding behind the yellow bid and the sixth bird is to the right of this stood on the edge of the word.

    Final bird we need to run to the right past the two guards at the checkpoint and turn right before the big tank you will see the final yellow bird with sunglasses on and hat.

    Once you have taken a picture of all these you will unlock the achievement

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