Surveillance Master Achievement in Hitman III

  • Surveillance Master



    Reveal all undiscovered areas in Chongqing.

    How to unlock Surveillance Master

    There are a total of 29 areas to discover in Chongqing. Like all maps, you can view all undiscovered locations on your map, so you don't actually need to run around to try to find undiscovered areas, nor do you need any sort of list or guide of all locations. Simply open the pause menu and tab over to your map. On the map screen, there is a white background symbol for "Undiscovered Location" (which will only be in the legend if there are actually undiscovered locations on the map). You can then scroll between the various Levels on the map to look for any undiscovered locations and then head there to discover them.

    By the time you complete all missions stories, miscellaneous achievements, shortcuts, and random challenges to max out your mastery, you will likely discover most if not all locations. Then you can simply check your map for any you missed and just run there to discover them, not worrying about if you get detected. Locations are discovered and saved immediately after you find them, regardless if you save your game or not. As soon as you discover the last location, the corresponding challenge will complete and this achievement will unlock.

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