Hack the Planet Achievement in Hitman III

  • Hack the Planet



    Reach Chongqing Mastery Level 20.

    How to unlock Hack the Planet

    Before working on reaching Mastery Level 20, there are a handful of things you should do first:
    • Complete all Mission Stories. Refer to Icebreaker (30G) for completing them all, as well as many other challenges during them use strategic saves.
    • Unlock all Shortcuts. You need to do so anyway to unlock Shortcut Killer (30G). Refer to it for the locations of all Shortcuts during this mission.
    • Unlock all other achievements specific to this mission, such as discovering all locations and any miscellaneous achievements. Refer to each applicable achievement description for how to do each. They are all tied to challenges, which will help with reaching Mastery Level 20.
    • Consider doing a Silent Assassin Suit Only (SASO) run of the mission. The All-Seeing Eyes section of Icebreaker (30G) walks you through a very easy way to do this. You can play on Casual, so don't hesitate to make manual saves often to ensure you complete it successfully. This is worth a good chunk of XP.
    One all of that is done, you can then knock out any random challenges you haven't completed to get the last bit of XP you need. Refer to the list below for help with whatever challenges you're missing.

    • Hold My Hair - the only way I've found to do this naturally is to get Hush into his relaxing chair and put emetic poison in the vent just outside the room, then follow him into the bathroom. Refer to the first section of Future Shock (15G) for more details
    • Versatile Assassin - complete all listed challenges
    • Tasteless, Traceless - you could do the same as Hold My Hair, or just walk up to either target with a lethal syringe
    • Straight Shot - shoot either target in the head
    • Piano Man - walk up behind either target and garrote them
    • Someone Could Hurt Themselves - this will complete during multiple other required kills
    • Stick It to the Man - you need to pacify Hush while disguised as a homeless person for this challenge. The homeless are found in alleys around the building Hush is in, then you need to sneak up to the top floor and pacity him. Doesn't matter if you get detected
    • Venting Some Stress - follow the walkthrough for Certainty Principle in Icebreaker (30G)
    • Deprivation - refer to the first section of Future Shock (15G)
    • Mnemonic - follow the walkthrough for Impulse Control in Icebreaker (30G)
    • Big Bada Boom - follow the walkthrough for All-Seeing Eyes in Icebreaker (30G)
    • A Shock to the System - follow the walkthrough for Certainty Principle in Icebreaker (30G)
    • Cooling Down - follow the walkthrough for Certainty Principle in Icebreaker (30G)
    • Bullet Points - follow the walkthrough for All-Seeing Eyes in Icebreaker (30G)
    • Medium Rare - follow the walkthrough for Certainty Princple in Icebreaker (30G)
    • Shortcut: Facility Elevator Shaft - refer to Shortcut Killer (30G)
    • Training Hard - this is the same place where you first start the mission
    • The Beat - these are the guys guarding the alley behind the restaurant where the container is that leads into the ICA Facility
    • Block Buster - these are the guys in blue on the top few levels of The Block (northeast building on the map)
    • Shortcut: Inner Courtyard - refer to Shortcut Killer (30G)
    • Quite a Hatch - there are two ways to unlock the secret hatch. One is from inside the vents on the lowest level of the ICA Facility. The other, and probably easier, way is to go through the arcade into the little courtyard where two guards are. Use the keypad on the wall and enter 2552 to unlock the hatch
    • Climbing the Corporate Ladder - will happen naturally during Certainty Principle mission story
    • Scoot Over - no key required for this, just go to the icon on the street where the scooter is
    • Super Special Door - after hacking the AI core during your first playthrough, you'll need to escape the ICA Facility. On your way out, look for the exit icon on your map and using Instincts. Use your camera to open it and exit the mission
    • The Downtrodden - the homeless are found in the alley behind The Block (northeast building)
    • Last Resort - two of these flyers are found in the Recruitment Center (labeled as such) in The Block. The third flyer I found was in the little homeless shelter at the bottom of the stairs that lead up into the main square from the start of the mission. I pacified one of the guys and he dropped a flyer
    • Apartment Safe House - no key required. Head to the laundromat and use the exit location in the building (keypad code is 0118 to get inside)
    • Shortcut: The Block Ladder - refer to Shortcut Killer (30G)
    • Dumplings Cook - head into the restaurant and into the kitchen, and pacify one of the male cooks
    • Down the Rabbit Hole - you need a crowbar, which can be found by the homeless in the alley behind The Block. Then you just need to pry open any of the few manholes around the alleys in the streets. Even though they say "body dump" you can still use them to exit the mission
    • Hack the Planet - the Tier 1 and Tier 2 dongles can be found all over the ICA Facility. One location for Tier 1 is in Tier 01 Security on Level -01, and one for Tier 2 is in Employee Vetting on Level -01 as well. I have only found Tier 3 in two locations: one is located on a table in the outer ring around the core room on Level -02 on your map, and the other is dropped by Royce when you pacify/kill her
    • Discover Chongqing - refer to Surveillance Master (20G)
    • Chameleon - there are 11 disguises in this mission:
      • Homeless Person (refer to The Downtrodden above)
      • Cook (refer to Dumplings Cook above)
      • Mr Pritchard (refer to Climbing the Corporate Ladder above)
      • Street Guard (refer to The Beat above)
      • Block Guard (refer to Block Buster above)
      • Researcher (white lab coats on top floors of The Block)
      • Perfect Test Subject (obtained during Impulse Control mission story)
      • Facility Engineer (red hazmat suits in bottom floors of ICA Facility)
      • Facility Security (white shirt and green hat inside ICA Facility)
      • Facility Guard (black shirt and red hat inside ICA Facility)
      • Facility Analyst (civilians inside ICA Facility in suit and tie)
    • Vengeance - despite the challenge picture, you need to pacify the Block Guards in the blue suits on the top couple floors. A hammer is conveniently located on Level 03 on your map. Doesn't matter if you get spotted
    • Human Error - follow the walkthrough for Certainty Principle mission story in Icebreaker (30G)
    • Ease of Pain - refer to The Show Must Go On below
    • Lei Me to Sleep - the cowboy bust is found in the stairwell of The Block leading from Level 01 to Level 02 on your map. Lei is the female lead scientist on the top floor in the purple pants. Just throw the bust at her head
    • A Hair in My Soup - follow the walkthrough for Certainty Princple, poisoning Mr Pritchard's food, in Icebreaker (30G)
    • Mission Story - All-Seeing Eyes - complete the mission story
    • Thnk! Tank! - the tank is found in the arcade. The researchers are in white lab coats on the top few floors of The Block
    • Going Postal - the package you need for this is found in the ICA Facility on Level -1 on your map, in an area called ICA Entrance Checkpoint. Xiao Ming is on Level -2 of the ICA Facility in a small office of his own by the Analysis Area
    • Killing the Past - story-related, must be done during your first playthrough
    • What a Glorious Feeling... - the umbrella is found inside the apartment on Level 01 on your map, which you'll need a crowbar to break into. Take the umbrella up to the laundromat (code 0118) and up to the lone guard on the stairs just below the two guards on the roof talking, where the mission story All-Seeing Eyes starts
    • Mission Story - Impulse Control - complete the mission story
    • Big Sister - obtained automatically during the All-Seeing Eyes mission story
    • ...I'm Happy Again - finish What a Glorious Feeling... above, then wait for his body to be found and him to wake up. Wait for the guards to go back to their default state and him to start dancing in the same spot again, and knock him out with the umbrella again
    • Contact - despite the description for this, you don't need to wait for Hush to do anything. Head to the very top floor of The Block, on the roof. There is an antenna in a caged-in area. Break in with a crowbar and turn off the satellite to complete this challenge
    • Mission Story - Certainty Principle - complete this mission story
    • The Show Must Go On - on the second-highest floor of the block are four big pods with researchers around them. You need to turn off all four of them without the researchers turning them back on. The only real way to do this is to knock out all of the researchers in the area and hide their bodies. Turn off all four pods, and then Hush will come down and reset them all

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