Sayōnara Achievement in Hitman III

  • Sayōnara



    Reach Hokkaido Mastery Level 20.

    How to unlock Sayōnara

    Note: If you have previously unlocked this achievement in HITMAN 2, and if you transfer your progress over, this achievement will unlock as soon as you launch HITMAN III. Refer to the roadmap for how to transfer your progress.

    If you're playing these missions fresh, the recommended progression I would give towards full Mastery Level is:
    • Complete all mission stories and the associated kills them obviously lead to
    • Complete the mission on Master difficulty as Suit Only and Silent Assassin. This will be worth a huge amount of XP
    • Complete miscellaneous challenges worth high XP to get the last of what you need to reach maximum level.
    Here is a video, courtesy of MrFreeze2244, that shows an SASO Master difficulty run of the mission.

    After completing that, refer to THIS PLAYLIST for all Hokkaido challenges.

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