Wilhelm's Nightmare Achievement in Homefront

  • Wilhelm's Nightmare



    Knock 10 enemies off of the scaffolding during the helicopter fly-in in Chapter 7: Golden Gate

  • How to unlock Wilhelm's Nightmare

    In the very beginning of the level where you are being flown towards the bridge, you take control of your player. Use the grenade launcher to fire at the enemies and be sure to fire a little behind them so it will knock them off the platform. They must be knocked completely off the platform for it to count.

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  • wow, ive blown off every enemy with the nade launcher like 5 times!!!! what am i doing wrong...?
  • Probably because the achievement says to knock them off, not blow them up. They need to die by falling off.
  • You can blow them off with grenades fine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAcg-kMC4QA
  • thats cuz you guys arent reading the achievement right... you have to do it with the helicopter, not with guns.
  • ha, sorry...im dumb and half asleep.
  • dude!!! still cant get it, i need to take a break from this one, or else my controller will pay!!!!
  • What I did to get this was aiming a little towards where the scaffolding meets the wall behind the enemies, it usually sent them flying over the edge. You could the grenade launcher.... Pushes them over the edge. YYYEEEEEEAAAHHHHH.
  • so, I JUST got the achievement for this one, after a few tries...you need to equip your grenade launcher and AIM FOR THE WALL BEHIND them...don't try to shoot them with it. It's right what BladesOfKhaos78 said up top...shoot them off but don't kill them...
  • so if we assume that this achievement is named after the wilhelm scream, does that mean that when we hear it that that kill counts towards the achievement?
  • does it count across playthroughs/checkpoints?
  • wow this is retarded, it doesn't count across checkpoints.
  • Got it on my second try.
  • As MrSinister9871 says just aim for the walls or an open area near the enemy the achiev' should pop no probs..
  • i keep tryin and cant get 10people 2of scaffolding
  • ive tried to get this achievement heaps of times it is hard when ever i have a clear shot the helicopter you are in moves and then i miss i like homefront its a legend game but some achievements are really anoying
  • just got it thank god
  • yeah, i'm not gonna lie, i'm having some trouble with this one. luckily, i like watching them go flying.
  • its easy just count 10 of them fall off and it pops achievement
  • 4th time lucky :) thank god.
  • Tried the ways suggest, got 10 but no achievement
  • I got it on my second try, and can verify that the enemies can die from the explosion of the nade launcher and the kill will still count as long as they fly over the scaffolding. The force of the explosion has to knock the enemies over the scaffolding. Just make ten enemies fly over the railing and it will unlock! I found an awesome guide for this at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6-ErQ54KPk
  • I've tried to do this, Fail. Did this ^^^^ Worked
  • persevere guys. i tried this several times and i didnt get it and i finally unlocked it today.
  • Just try to kill them and its easy
  • got it without even knowing it was a cheevo.. easy
  • I got this on my second try...very easy
  • I tried this several times, and got pretty annoyed by it but when I actually got it, the way I got it was when the chopper rounds the scaffolding there are like 3 guys coming out the door on the scaffolding and I shot a nade at them FIRST then, went around the scaffolding and it popped before I even killed the last guy.. I hope this helps!
  • anyone notice that you get unlimited grenades while in the chopper? don't hold back and its easy
  • does it work after the helo during the climb up the tower?
  • As simple as it sounds, it does take a few tries to get it down.
  • it was easy got it in my first try!
  • Ok what you need to do is aim just behind them so they fall of, which they MuST do for the achievement try and knock them off
  • Mannn this one took me more tries than the Heartland Guerilla :/ Jus satuate the scaff with grenades, worked for me :p
  • Why do people complain on how hard this Achievement is!? I did this achievement on my first try withou restarting or anything! All you need to do is shoot your M203 behide the guys on the platform, and they fly and BOOM achievement.
  • just done this here is a walkthrough on how to do it that i have made hope this helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biOQvJuIZOk
  • also i got this on my first try :P
  • Pretty anoying but do-able its like what the clever people say, aim the opposite direction to where the person is standing and they go down like a old lady on a frosty morning
  • Lol at DeathofAI!! About to try for this one now!
  • 4th Attempt with two men to spare, pretty easy actually!!
  • Everytime I try to get this damn achievement, I never get it done right. It pisses me off so much
  • Got it on my third try, wasn't terribly hard. I love the fact that it's called Wilhelm's Nightmare, didn't even realize that's what it was called until it popped. While I was doing it I was thinking "are they actually using Wilhelm's Scream over and over again?" But then it all made sense. That's a nice little Easter Egg for movie lovers.
  • Such a pain in the arse!!
  • Got it my second try, shoot the wall behind the enemies and you do hear the Wilhelm Scream....odd.
  • the ammo count always says 8. i think it was supposed to be the infinity sign buy they forgot to rotate it
  • This taking forever, wouldn't be as bad if they didn't minute and half of cinematics
  • the wilhelm scream is only for effect. Be sure that they fall off the bridge and not just get blown back to the wall.
  • ha first go done thanks for the info

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