Bomb Squad Achievement

  • Bomb Squad



    Disarm 50 bombs in Devastation ranked matches

    To get this achievement, host a game and make the level Manor House with five targets, and have the time set for 30 minutes. Have one person from each team get this achievement and the rest of the people out of the way. One person gets the bomb upstairs and brings it downstairs to the back, where there is one generator inside the manor, and the other right across in the shed where the rocket launcher is.

    One guy plants it on the generator in the shed and the other person, from the other team walks up to it and disarms it, and brings it to the generator inside the manor house, right by that shed, now the other player disarms it and rearms it at their generator and so on.

    Try not to get in each others way because the game sticks players together and makes them not able to move, and then the bomb might explode.

    Note: You can not play 1 vs 1 ranked matches. Minimum is 3 vs 3!

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