Mako Shark Achievement

  • Mako Shark



    Complete Super Mission 2 using Mako Shark.

    The Mako Shark is available for 1,500 coins once you max out the Reef Shark. When you begin, you will need to explore the surrounding ocean with the Mako Shark to look for eight orange seashells (there are more than eight to find, so there is some leeway) to unlock each of the eight missions for the Mako Shark. The eight missions and some helpful tips are below. Each of the requirements must be met in a single run with the Mako Shark (revives are OK).

    1. Caught a Bite - Eat 3 Fisherman: Fisherman are only located on the medium-sized fishing boats. There will be 3 fisherman per boat, so you only need to find one. Patrol the surface until you find it.
    2. Diet Swim - Swim 200m Without Eating: This is not difficult. Just go slow and avoid everything, but not too slow that you die.
    3. In Flight Meal - Eat 3 Flying Pelicans: Pelicans are the white birds at the surface. You need to eat 3 of them that are flying. Do so by boosting upwards towards the surface and breaching to grab the pelicans that are flying.
    4. Cannibal - Eat 3 Enemy Sharks:Sharks can be found almost anywhere. There are usually a few at your dropoff point. Approach them from behind and boost towards them to kill them. Going in from the front will get you bit.
    5. Survival Ace - Survive for 6 minutes: Just go slow and eat everything in sight.
    6. Fast Food - Eat 3 sailfish: Sailfish are very fast fish that have pointy horns on their face (like swordfish). You must approach them from behind to eat them. You will need to use your boost to catch up with them. They are fast. They can be found at medium depth in large, open expanses of water.
    7. Minesweeper - Clear 5 Mines: The only way to clear mines is to swim directly into them and take damage. There are plenty of mines around, just be sure to kamikaze them when you are near full-health and take some time to recover between blows.
    8. 1 Sunken Object - Find 1 Sunken Object: There are 15 Sunken Objects hidden throughout the entire ocean that are always in the same spot. Find one. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for a map of their locations.

    Once you complete all 8 missions, the ninth mission, Super Mission 2, will become available. It requires that you earn 50,000 points in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for tips to scoring big. As soon as you complete the challenge, the achievement will unlock.

    After you earn the achievement, you need to continue playing with the Mako Shark until it reaches Level 10 with 100% of its bar filled (effectively Level 11). This is important because this will allow you to purchase the next shark for gold coins, rather than gems. Continue playing to earn enough coins to purchase the Hammerhead Shark for 6,000 coins. This should take less than 1 hour.


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