Hammerhead Shark Achievement

  • Hammerhead Shark



    Complete Super Mission 3 using Hammerhead Shark.

    The Hammerhead Shark is available for 6,000 coins once you max out the Mako Shark. When you begin, you will need to explore the surrounding ocean with the Hammerhead Shark to look for eight orange seashells (there are more than eight to find, so there is some leeway) to unlock each of the eight missions for the Hammerhead Shark. The eight missions and some helpful tips are below. Each of the requirements must be met in a single run with the Mako Shark (revives are OK).

    1. Crab Clearance - Eat 40 Crabs: Crabs are mostly found in the top half of the ocean on either rock bottoms or ceilings. They don't offer a large nutritional value, so be sure to eat lots of fish while searching for the crabs.
    2. Speed Eat Sardines - Eat 30 Sardines Within a Minute: This is the most challenging one for this shark. Sardines becomes rare and hard to find. They swim in schools of 5 to 15 sardines. You will need to find several schools and eat them all within one minute. Sardines can be found just about anywhere in the ocean.
    3. Stingray Revenge - Eat 5 Sting Rays: Sting Rays are generally found a tad below the surface. They are large flat creatures. Approach them with a boost from behind to eat them.
    4. Jellyfish Swim - Swim 1000m Without Getting Stung: Just take it slow and be sure to avoid jellyfish, which can come in many shapes and sizes. Avoid using boost if possible. Not that difficult if you take it slow.
    5. Fish Feast - Eat 200 Fish: Will come with time. Just go slow and stay near the surface where there are large schools of fish.
    6. 3 Sunken Objects - Find 3 Sunken Objects: There are 15 Sunken Objects hidden throughout the entire ocean that are always in the same spot. Find three in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for a map of their locations.
    7. Survival Pro - Survive for 8 Minutes: Just go slow and eat everything in sight.
    8. Cannibal Run - Eat 20 Enemy Sharks: All sharks are enemy sharks. Swim around to find 20 of them. Sharks can be found almost anywhere in the ocean.

    Once you complete all 8 missions, the ninth mission, Super Mission 3, will become available. It requires that you earn 100,000 points in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for tips to scoring big. As soon as you complete the challenge, the achievement will unlock.

    After you earn the achievement, you need to continue playing with the Hammerhead Shark until it reaches Level 10 with 100% of its bar filled (effectively Level 11). This is important because this will allow you to purchase the next shark for gold coins, rather than gems. Continue playing to earn enough coins to purchase the Tiger Shark. This should take less than 1 hour.


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