Tiger Shark Achievement

  • Tiger Shark



    Complete Super Mission 4 using Tiger Shark.

    The Tiger Shark is available for 15,000 coins once you max out the Hammerhead Shark. When you begin, you will need to explore the surrounding ocean with the Tiger Shark to look for eight orange seashells (there are more than eight to find, so there is some leeway) to unlock each of the eight missions for the Tiger Shark. The eight missions and some helpful tips are below. Each of the requirements must be met in a single run with the Tiger Shark (revives are OK).

    1. Angler Attack - Eat 10 Angler Fish: Angler fish can be found in a few places around the map, usually in the deep ocean. The best place to knock this mission is pictured below. There will be 15+ angler fish in that small caved area.
    2. High Jump - Jump 8m Out of the Water: Gain some speed going upwards with boost to the surface and breach. 8m is not hard at all to do.
    3. Jet Lag - Eat 3 Jetskiers: Jet skiing humans can only be found at the surface. You need to eat them from the side. If you come below, you will hit the jet ski and send the human flying. After exploring the surface tons for this mission, there was only 3 total jet skiers to eat. One was in the furthest right open area, and two were closer to the middle of the map in the big open area.
    4. Kempy Kill - Find and Eat the Mythical Kempy Bass: The Kempy Bass is a large fish boss that is easy to kill. The exact location is seen below. It is said that you should wait until at least the 3 minute mark before entering the long, windy cave. Otherwise, the Kempy Bass doesnt spawn. Eat fish while you navigate the long tunnel towards Kempy. More than likely you will die after killing Kempy, as there wont be enough fish to make it back through the long tunnel.
    5. Mass Murder - Eat 30 People: Stick towards the surface. People are everyone and constantly spawn. All humans count: including swimmers, divers, jetskiers, fisherman,beach bystanders, and the paragliders.
    6. Survival Pro - Survive for 10 Minutes: Just go slow and eat everything in sight.
    7. 5 Sunken Objects - Find 5 Sunken Objects: There are 15 Sunken Objects hidden throughout the entire ocean that are always in the same spot. Find five in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for a map of their locations.
    8. Depth Charge - Swim 250m Below Sea Level: Keep swimming down and eating fish along the way until the mission completes. 250m is about 3/4 the way to the bottom of the ocean. Easy as that.

    Once you complete all 8 missions, the ninth mission, Super Mission 4, will become available. It requires that you earn 200,000 points in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for tips to scoring big. As soon as you complete the challenge, the achievement will unlock.

    After you earn the achievement, you need to continue playing with the Tiger Shark until it reaches Level 10 with 100% of its bar filled (effectively Level 11). This is important because this will allow you to purchase the next shark for gold coins, rather than gems. Continue playing to earn enough coins to purchase the Great White Shark. This could take up to 4 hours, depending on your skill. You may also choose to use the Time Glitch (see "General Tips" section of the Roadmap.


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