Great White Shark Achievement

  • Great White Shark



    Complete Super Mission 5 using Great White Shark.

    The Great White Shark is available for 35,000 coins once you max out the Tiger Shark. When you begin, you will need to explore the surrounding ocean with the Great White Shark to look for eight orange seashells (there are more than eight to find, so there is some leeway) to unlock each of the eight missions for the Great White Shark. The eight missions and some helpful tips are below. Each of the requirements must be met in a single run with the Great White Shark (revives are OK).

    1. Great White Attack - Eat 1 Great White Shark: Great Whites can be found in large open areas in the upper half of the ocean. Try approach them from behind and boost into them to eat them before they eat you.
    2. Over Fishing - Eat 500 Fish: Take it slow and stay near the surface. Eat school of fish and the sardines, but also anything in your path.
    3. Subzero - Destroy 3 Submarines: Submarines are the missle-launching ships that hang out at depth in the ocean. To eat one, you must boost directly into the front, before it begins firing missiles. Approach it from behind, get into position, and get ready to boost as soon as it turns your way.
    4. Big Gulp - Eat 10 Gulpers: These fish can be found in the very bottom right corner of the map. Just swim directly down to the bottom of the ocean from the spawn point.
    5. Speed Eat - Eat 100 things in 1 Minute: Boost around as fast as you can and eat. Stay near the surface for the best chances of success. Upgrade your boost if needed. Taking an antidote before you start can help mitigate jellyfish stings.
    6. Survival Master - Survive for 15 Minutes: Just go slow and eat everything in sight
    7. Mine Sweeper Pro - Clear 15 Mines: The only way to clear mines is to swim directly into them and take damage (unless you buy the flak jacket, in which case you are immune). There are plenty of mines around, just be sure to kamikaze them when you are near full-health and take some time to recover between blows.
    8. 8 Sunken Objects - Find 8 Sunken Objects: There are 15 Sunken Objects hidden throughout the entire ocean that are always in the same spot. Find eight in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for a map of their locations.

    Once you complete all 8 missions, the ninth mission, Super Mission 5, will become available. It requires that you earn 1,000,000 points in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for tips to scoring big. As soon as you complete the challenge, the achievement will unlock.

    After you earn the achievement, you need to continue playing with the Great White Shark until you earn enough coins to fully max the Great White's Bite, Speed, and Boost bars. Do so will unlock the Megalodon, the legendary shark that is required for the game's final achievement. In total, this will require 50,000 coins. This will be the longest grind of the game and will require 10 to 15 hours of solid playtime with the Great White or 4 to 6 hours of using the Time Glitch detailed in the "General Tips" section of the Roadmap.


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