Megaladon Achievement

  • Megaladon



    Complete Super Mission 6 using Megaladon Shark.

    The Megaladon becomes available once you fully-upgrade the Boost, Speed, and Bite of the Great White Shark. The Megaladon will be fully-maxed out from the start. When you begin, you will need to explore the surrounding ocean with the Megaladon Shark to look for eight orange seashells (there are more than eight to find, so there is some leeway) to unlock each of the eight missions for the Megaladon Shark. The eight missions and some helpful tips are below. Each of the requirements must be met in a single run with the Megaladon (revives are OK).

    1. Crowd Surfer - Eat 100 Beach Bystanders: These are the people out of the water on the beaches that you must breach to reach. Head up out of the water and grab 100 total people. Check every single beach.
    2. Jelly Junkie - Eat 100 Jellyfish: This should be no problem. Just eat 100 of them.
    3. Mine Eater - Eat 125 Mines: Same as above. Mines are everywhere.
    4. Paraglider Punish - Eat 5 Paragliders: Paragliders are the people attached to kites being pulled by boats. You must make time breaches at the surface to grab the paragliders in mid-air. This can be a difficult challenge as the spawns for this seem to be very rare. Check all surface areas of the ocean, especially the large open expanses of ocean.
    5. Harpoon Boat Bite - Eat 5 Harpoon Boat Men: Harpoon boat mean are the men throwing spears at you when you get close to their boats. Simply eat 5 of them. Search all surface areas to find them.
    6. Flying Feast - Eat 100 Flying Fish: This will be no problem as flying fish are everywhere. They are the tiny fish found near the surface the jump out of the water to escape from your shark. Eat 100.
    7. Boat Breaker - Eat 12 Fishing Boats: Fishing boats are red and have men fishing from both the front and back. Eat 12 of these boats, found anywhere at the surface of the ocean.
    8. 15 Sunken Objects - Find All 15 Sunken Objects: There are 15 Sunken Objects hidden throughout the entire ocean that are always in the same spot. Find all of them in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for a map of their locations. This will be a very tough challenge as staying alive this long is difficult. Also, the map tends to crash when opening, so it is best to attempt this challenge without it, going in blind from memory and using the ocean map given in the Roadmap as a guide.

      User tnk recommends this approach: "Start from the leftmost side with the Guitar, then move to the Jade Dragon, Wakaba, and then Moon on a Stick. Be very careful while going for Moon on a Stick because the maze is quite long and any inaccurate move will cost you a life. It is best to look at the map on a PC to determine which way to go. Once out of Moon on a Stick, you should go for Fake Teeth next since the water current flows from left to right, which makes it easier.

      Then move to Toy Robot, Teddy Bear, Dartboard, Egg Picture, Bog Brush, Robot Gibbon, Leaning Tower, then Lucky Horseshoe. The maze to Lucky Horseshoe is short but quite narrow. You may die a couple times here.The next stop would be Covenant and finally Ghetto Blaster, which requires you to boost from the shore on to the land."

    Once you complete all 8 missions, the ninth mission, Super Mission 6, will become available. It requires that you earn 5,000,000 points in a single run. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for tips to scoring big. As soon as you complete the challenge, the achievement will unlock.


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